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Started by guest2, November 26, 2010, 09:20:15 AM

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Quote from: dennisfalcon on May 27, 2021, 09:19:44 AM
Mine is work in progress, mostly covering the late 80s onwards, however, I do like the various liveries on class 66 and also the layout is home to 3 class 67s.  I like the modern era, but more recently I bought the model of 47550 and that on Intercity stock and Large Logo 47436 on Reggie Rail stock looks the bizzo.
Im enjoying building things, ive built a TMD, some houses, various platforms, a loo for the station, a footbridge etc.

So the collection looks like this:-
Class 03 Green
Class 22 Rail Blue
Class 26 Railfreight Redstripe
Class 31 Railfreight Redstripe
Class 33s, Dutch, RF Construction, Rail Blue
Class 47 IC and Large Logo
Class 66 EWS
Class 67 EWS, EWS and the Silver one.

That's a decent fleet!
Mine is as follows;
04 - BR green
14 - BR green
20 - BR blue centre headcode
22 - BR green (Possibly the best loco in the fleet - brilliant little machine)
25s - BR green and BR blue
33s - BR blue and Dutch
35 - BR Blue
42 - Maroon
44 - BR blue
45s - BR green and BR blue
46 - BR blue
47s - BR blue and 2-tone green (though one of those is going to be a chassis donor for a resin D600)
52s - Maroon and BR blue
67s - both EWS
86 - Electric blue (Lima - no pantograph :goggleeyes:)

BR 218 - DB Red
V200 - red/black

A pair of scratchbuilt saddle tanks in a fictitious green livery - left to me by a dear friend.

I have been toying with getting the Kernow 37207 in BR blue/Cornish Railways and with getting a 66.
Rob and Becky (artistic director)

Brian taylor

I am looking at a more modern-day layout, as I am no expert in what trains operate on what lines and what role they perform I am just going for what pleases me aesthetically and hope it works out but will more than likely refine that as I go on.


1970s to early 90s between weaver junction and allerton @Brian taylor and am happy to advise on suitable stock but good choice going with the flow as so to speak. Plenty of blue / grey and mixture of wagons from.mid 60s, rail blue, sectorisation,  plus a maroon Charter train. Chris


Right now ... Great Eastern.

I picked up a couple of repaints from Jerry Clifford at the Portsmouth exhibition yesterday: a 1500 class (that's a B12 in LNER-speak) in royal blue and a "Super Claud" in wartime grey. I've put the 1500 on an express passenger working (horsebox, six 6-wheelers and a bogie coach, all in teak) but I need to assemble a suitable train for the super Claud, too ...
Pre-Grouping: the best of all possible worlds!

I would rather build a model which is wrong but "looks right" than a model which is right but "looks wrong".


I model BR Steam, BR Green Diesels & BR Blue (pre-tops) Diesels. No perticular region.

I do this to get the maximum coverage of old diesels and steam locos. My arguement to why there's a blue diesel next to a early creast steamie? Simple; they haven't repainted the steam loco yet :P.

I love steam locos and early diesels, so there really is no other era for me to model.


Quote from: mca0004 on April 06, 2022, 01:17:08 PM
My arguement to why there's a blue diesel next to a early creast steamie? Simple; they haven't repainted the steam loco yet :P.

Finlay - don't you dare go painting a steam loco blue with a yellow smokebox door!! :telloff:
Any such attempt and we'll set George @Bealman on you ;)

Aire Valley

Yorkshire - Trainload Freight era 8, 1993-94.

When we still had large tonnages of locally mined coal moved by rail, plenty of steel/petroleum workings to/from the north-east and with decent traction up front.



Just planning a very small Layout based broadly on the early to late sixties. Will be running a mixture of LMS passenger and freight  (Mostly freight) Will probably have the odd steam loco but mainly Diesel. I have a wee shunter and a Class 25 diesel but am currently working on restoring an old P&D Marsh Class 47 body kit on a Mehano RSD 15 chassis. Both body/paintwork and the chassis/motor were in quite poor condition so I've stripped it down and am currently overhauling the motor and gears. I had to make the motor brushes.. that was fun. Just need to find a supplier of tiny gears.


Poppa @PoppaB please try https://www.farishnspares.co.uk/

Or lprails https://www.lprails.co.uk/

Chris. BR blue / Odd Green / 2 tone green disel / electric. Do have a few maroon coaches in the fleet


Finishing off a couple of class 37 bodyshells for Poole Farish locos; 37113 "Radio Highland" in Railfreight Distribution and 37408 "Loch Rannock" in BR LLB.

Both chassis require a couple of split gears replacing.

Curious David

hi I'm a newbie to n gauge.
planned to do more when I retired but hit by COVID so had to return to work!
attempting to retire again:
have spent time planning (v enjoyable)
live near ECML close to Durham city
so want to model the junction at Relley Mill late steam early Diesel but am sure it may also see an IC125 on it! Rule 1 applies
to get me back into modelling plan to build some fiddle yards first (dogbone) and then scenic sections when confidence / competence improves (I hope); making 1500 by 1000mm modular sections which should allow 3 or 4 roads in FY + up & down 800mm cassette for loading trains.
I hope to upload progress and problems with pics when I start: wood✅, track✅, points✅, wire✅, software planning✅but just need to tweak...
this seems v friendly & helpful forum so I shall lean on you
thanks in anticipation


Welcome to N gauge modelling and also a friendly Forum.

Perhaps you could post progress of the layout on the 'Layout construction' board on the Forum.

Any questions, please ask, somebody usually replies.



Curious David. Sounds like good advice martyn has given. Great location I believe what with the junctions to Bishop Auckland? Consett.  Will you be modelling the viaduct crossing the River Browney ?

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