Baby boomers - what books did you read when you were a nipper ?

Started by joe cassidy, November 22, 2020, 02:20:34 PM

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joe cassidy

One book I didn't like was "Tom Sawyer".

Maybe it was too American for me ?



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Quote from: joe cassidy on November 22, 2020, 06:40:55 PM
... the magic painting pages

Yes, I remember them - they were great.  Haven't seen any for decades, probably not around any more.


Well being a baby Baby Boomer at 53 my opinion is not strictly relevant.  Mind you, as a 50+ year old, white male then I may as well give up!


Anyway, for what it is worth I would recommend The Model Railway Men series of books by Ray Pope, illustrated by Gareth Floyd.  The stories covers the adventures of a family of OO sized model railway people.  The model railway they live on is a classic of the 1960s with Hornby Dublo, Wrenn and Tri-ang stock.

The first book in the series has been reprinted (by Ray Pope's son) and is available in paperback or digital from Amazon.

Mark (Ray's son who is also the Mark in the books) was intending to re-release them all but I assume CV19 put a halt to that.

I posted more information here on my HOLLERTON JUNCTION thread.

Fortunately, I have been able to assemble a complete collection in hardback over the years.  The books are still available (pre-loved) but can be rather expensive.

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The usual - Famous Five and Secret Seven - but Dad was also a keen angler so this was also on the agenda

David Asquith

In junior school I struggled with reading through having lots of time off with tonsilitis.  I can´t have them out as apparently I have an extra blood artery in my throat.  I was given books to take home and read with my Mother.  After a while I had to stop as I was well in advance of my class.  After that there was no stopping me.  Into the library 3 times a week on my way home from school and I was allowed to take out more than the usual child allowance.  The books that stuck in my mind were about a deepsea salvage tug called Bulldog.  Can´t remember who the author was but when I searched as an adult the results didn´t match the memories.  My favourite book read in school was Of mice and men which I have re-read a few times since.  My improvement in reading got me into trouble a few times as I used to get bored waiting for other class members to read their paragraph so I used to read ahead.  I´ll never forget  the200 x  "I must pay attention whilst other class members are reading"


The Famous Five, Biggles and the Hardy Boys. The local library didn't have much else!!


The usual Biggles, Jennings ("Oh what a frightful bish Derby!").  I thought the Famous Five were a bit girlie but still read my sister's copies  :-[  - preferred Pooh Bear if I'm honest.  Also remember a character called Brer Rabbit but don't recall anything about him.

While I was a kid a new comic called 'TV Century 21' appeared with stuff like Fireball XL5 and Stingray. (Ayone remember Marina? :heart2: )  I also had a copy of the Venture Bus Company's bus spotters book.  Rowlands Gill station and the Derwent Valley line to Consett had closed down so buses were more plentiful than trains!

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Quote from: ImpInaBox on November 28, 2020, 02:10:54 PM
While I was a kid a new comic called 'TV Century 21' appeared with stuff like Fireball XL5 and Stingray. (Ayone remember Marina? :heart2: )
I got this comic as well as the Ranger and the Look and Learn when the Ranger merged with with this. as a matter of interest all of the Dalek stories from TV21 have been released recently as a bookazine by the Dr Who magazine.


Yes, I remember Marina! 🥰🥰 My Aunt bought me Look and Learn every week and I had the annual as a present every Christmas.


Quote from: ImpInaBox on November 28, 2020, 02:10:54 PM
Also remember a character called Brer Rabbit but don't recall anything about him.

I used to have some Brer Rabbit books, containing other characters such as Brer Fox and Brer Bear
(I think Brer was a shortened 'brother')

Strangely many books (and toys) used to mysteriously vanish every time we moved house :hmmm: :unimpressed:

joe cassidy

Anyone remember Harold Hare ?

How about Moony - he featured in a pre-school comic my Mum used to buy. I found him a bit spooky.

I confess that I used to look at my sister's comics too, especially Jackie in the 70s.

Sometimes I used to pinch the centrefolds for my bedroom wall, but only the likes of R Stewart or James Taylor, not David Cassidy.

The Q

Just acquired (for free) a copy of Coot Club one of the Swallows and Amazon series.

It must be 50 years since I last read it and over 40 Since I first moved into the area it's based on.. Will be an interesting experience comparing what I now know, with the book..


Today's post has led me to read the whole thread again (great stuff) and I've remembered after I exhausted the Biggles books I went onto the 'Mettle' series by James MacNell all about Captain Mettle VC. One that particularly sticks in my mind is 'Mettle at Woomera' where the Captain drove a souped up Jag v the baddie's Maserati.


The Carey novels by Ronald Welch - which I rediscovered a couple of years ago.   Swallows and Amazons, and Biggles, of course.
Also a science fiction series by Hugh Walters - the titles all referred to one planet or another.

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