N Gauge Forum - 10 Year Anniversary!

Started by Tank, November 15, 2020, 12:50:58 PM

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Here we are, 10 years since the N Gauge Forum went live!  :o

In 2010 I had finished my time on another busy forum, which came to an end.  I missed the buzz and the community, I wanted to get that back somehow.  I felt that my main hobby at the time was lacking somewhere online that was moderated in a decent manner and dedicated to just N gauge.  After consideration and working out what was needed I set up the forum and invited a handful of people to join.

Back then I was working nightshifts, so on my nights off I had plenty of time to create models and paint them, then post them on here.  I like to think that this helped to draw people into joining in and make posts about what they were doing.

At first, I got some negative critism from a couple of well known N gauge figures, but I continued to keep the website growing.  The forum has grown into a busy place, where at one time I used to read every post religiously, I now manage to read a handful.  My main priority of the forum is to keep it friendly.  Whilst this is impossible to achieve this 100% of the time with so many characters on here, I hope that the general feel is that it is a welcoming and enjoyable place to be.

I have had a great team behind me from the very early days, with great ideas and help to advise me.  It can be hard to choose the right people for the 'job' as a moderator, as they need to be a good character, friendly, helpful, online a lot (!) and able to direct members in a kind manner.  This forum would not exist without their great work.  Do remember, they're volunteers, who model like you, but keep our community going!  :)

So, a lot has changed for me in the years that have followed since the beginning.  I now have three children, a couple of job changes, and I am having to care for my father - who lives with us.  Time is really at a premium.  My modelling is nearly none existent, so I feel like I'm missing a chunk out of my life at the moment - especially not being able to contribute to the forum as I once did.  I am always inspired by so many of your efforts on the forum, but ultimately, I wish I had time to join in as well.  One day I'll be back!   :D

One thing I do miss on here is our amazing raffles that we used to do.  We had so many great models to give away, but we sadly had to end it due to Paypal threatening to ban us due to gambling laws.  Hopefully I can find a way around this and we could start again?!  A big change for us in the last couple of years has been the N Gauge SouthEast Show, which has been an incredible success.  Working with the East Surrey N Gauge club (ESNG) we put a show together in 2019 at Riddlesdown, and our second was due to be this year.  As you can figure out, this was cancelled, and we decided to miss out on organising for next year as well.  We'll be back in 2022 for what I hope to be another fantastic show!  :)

Over the years I've made some great friends on here.  Many of you (most of you!) I've not met in person, but I do enjoy talking to you and helping out where I can.  I've been lucky in that there are not many bad incidents on this forum, with probably just 15 people banned on here in all of that time - I think this is a great achievment in itself!  This is the internet, so there will always be all sorts of good and bad characters, or just characters that occasionally clash sometimes.  I feel that this is generally very rare on here and I appreciate the positive words that myself and the team receive.  I don't always get things right myself, but I always welcome all feedback and feel that I'm approachable - as long as the feedback is respectful!  ;)  We are all learning about the hobby all of the time and should be encouraging each other, whilst also enjoying ourselves.

To finish up, THANK YOU for your support on the forum.  Your posts and contributions keep us going, and I'm proud that this has been the leading online website for N gauge.  I appreciate all of your donations each month, thank you.  Again, I really appreciate the NGF team (past and present) for your help and prods for me to get things done (mainly Newportnobby!), thank you.

Happy modelling everyone!

:Class31: :NGFWagonTour: :NGFWagonTour:


Hi Tank,

I have been on here since nearly the early days and it is so much better to have somewhere to go without having to whittle out the chat from other scales.
You and the team have done a great job and kept a light touch on the moderation.
Long may it continue.

Stu from EGDL.
A selection of my pictures, real & model ARE NOW to be found at...

I always find things in the last place I look. weird huh??

Train Waiting

Congratulations for the 10 years, Chris, and for all you have achieved.  I'm a relative newcomer, having only been a member for just over three years, but I think our Forum is a tremendous asset for all of us who model, would like to model, or are thinking about modelling, in 'N' gauge.  I've had no direct involvement with other internet forums but I've heard that they can be unpleasant places from time to time.  Our Forum is pretty much free of this which is a tribute to you, our excellent moderators and our members.

I hope you have more modelling time in future.

Congratulations again, many thanks and the very best of good wishes.

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(Acknowledgement: John Goodall Esq, Architectural Editor, 'Country Life'.)

The Table-Top Railway is an attempt to create, in British 'N' gauge,  a 'semi-scenic' railway in the old-fashioned style, reminiscent of the layouts of the 1930s to the 1950s.

For the made-up background to the railway and list of characters, please see here: https://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?topic=38281.msg607991#msg607991


I have been a member of this forum for nearly six years - January 2015 - and at that time, I did not have a layout, knew nothing about n gauge and had just bought my first 'train set', the 'Countryside Coal' set. Since that time, I built my first layout, a 4' x 2' coffee table using the 'Countryside Coal set' as the basis. I am now approaching the end of creating 'Averingcliffe' and would just like to say that none of this would have been possible without the forum. So a big thank you to a) @Tank for starting this whole thing; b) the Moderators for keeping us all in check whilst being reasonably light handed, (most of the time  ;)), and finally, c) my fellow modellers, some of whom have become (internet) friends. Everything I have learnt about our hobby is as a direct, or indirect, result of other members sharing their knowledge. So, a big  :thankyousign: to everybody. Here's to the next ten years.  :beers:
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cornish yorkie

  Many thanks Chris @Tank & all the moderators, must say thougherly enjoy the hours spent reading & sharing with all the members. Hope to hear your modelling again & long may the  :NGaugeForum: continue
stay safe regards Derek


I think you can be very proud of what you have achieved, Chris. Many thanks to you and all the mods past and present.
The years have been good to me, it was the weekends that did the damage.


Thanks to Tank, Mick, George, Ian, Nick, Ben , Paul. Keep up the good work. Congratulations on reaching this milestone


Many thanks Chris.   I have followed the forum as a guest for a couple of years and only joined a few weeks ago - I should have done it much sooner.  You and the mods have done, and kepp doing, a fantastic job.


As a relative newcomer at just over 6 months, I have fully enjoyed the experience, advice and dare I say it, humour and look forward to an enjoyable future here on this brilliant forum.

I came with a 75% complete layout, and the Forum has given me the inspiration to getting it near completion.

Chris @Tank , it is you and all the mods we should be thanking for the experience.

May the forum go from strength to strength in the coming years

Mike H   8)

Bob Tidbury

 :thankyousign: TANK  for putting This FORUM on my Ipad for me .
and  :thankyousign: to all the moderators for keeping us under control .
We have had one or two silly arguements from some members but all things considered and with now over 7000 members its bound to happen sometimes but on the whole this really is a friendly Forum  ,and I am really pleased that so many members have been to visit me and Stonehouse .
Its so nice to be a member of such a great bunch of guys and girls ,who are full of help and encouragement to beginers .
Congratulations Boss and long may this Forum continue .
Bob Tidbury


Agree with all of the above replies! I joined the day after I retired in 2013. I was coming back to the hobby after a break of 20 years and I can't put a price on all the help, advice and encouragement I have received. This is just the best forum and a credit to everybody involved.

Well done, Chris @Tank. To coin a phrase, you have the hero light on your brow! Hope you can find time for some proper modelling soon. Here's to the next 10 years.

All the best,



port perran

Thank you for creating such a fantastic forum Tank.
I've just checked and I've been a member for over 9 years (I can't believe it).
In that time, I've dallied, briefly, with 2 or 3 other forums. My interest in those lasted no more than three weeks and that says a lot about the NGF.
There is something for everyone on here and that's a great thing.
And there are people on here with such widely varying interests and abilities.
Like others, I have made several good 'internet friends' through this forum. Living in West Cornwall, my only regret is that I haven't met many folk face to face. Although I have met some (you know who you are).
Anyway, long may the NGF continue.
Thank you to the moderators who control the whole thing so well.
And thanks again Tank.
All the best

Long may the forum continue and go
I'm sure I'll get used to cream first soon.



Just to add my congratulations on the "main" forum.

Just looked up and I joined in Feb 2012, so done over 8 years.

The only forum I am a member of, have ever been a member of and see wanting to be a member of.



Membership of this forum has helped to reawaken my enthusiasm for modelling and sate my general interest in railways. It's also made me laugh, sigh, even cry. Many thanks to Chris @Tank, all the Mods, and every single member.



is it really that long ago ?

found it one night shift in June 2011, been here ever since.

can't imagine life without it now.

so as previously said

thank you Tank
thank you Mods
and a big thank you to all the members. :thumbsup:

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