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What is the correct term for the "probe" part when control points are activated on a control panel using "stud & probe" and from where are they obtained?
Maurice C.


Probe is the correct term.  As Jan says, Peco sell the probe and the studs with tag washers.

I used stud-and-probe on my layout back in the mid 80s.  It works well enough but I did find I got the probe wire tangled with the hand-held controller cables.  In the end I upgraded the controllers to 5 core cable and used the extra core to run the probe connection up and out of a jack plug fitted to the top of the controller, so I could do everything one-handed and no tangles :)

I still have the small stud-n-probe panel I made for my garden line

I much prefer miniature push-buttons for operating points

... or momentary centre-off toggle switches if I really need to save space on a busy panel

Nick.   2021 celebrating the 25th anniversary of "Königshafen" exhibition layout!


The probe is correctly named "The Probe"  ;)
While several suppliers will sell you an expensively priced, over engineered solution (such as the Peco item linked above, in reality almost any solid conducting item on the end of a wire will do the job just as effectively...
Use of a simple jack-plug is common, and I know of a layout with a rather neat home made solution consisting of those little biros you used to get in Argos and a brass nail..

5213 65J

Momentary push buttons for me over the past 25 years for DC operation.


I have a couple of the Peco ones lined up for use on my layout


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