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Continental N Gauge / Re: Favourite Epoch
« Last post by grumbeast on Today at 11:18:12 PM »

Sorry if boring.

Cheers weave  :beers:

Not boring, thats what I was hoping to get with this Poll, its fascinating to know why people like what they like.  I tend to be nostalgic for a time where I didn't exist (hence earlier Epoch III) or maybe its the golden glow of the kodachromes of the period!

Always think of that one as half a crocodile  :D   It's one of the older style Roco locos I don't have, shall have to rectify that situation when I come across a decent example.  I do have a BR 191, I suppose that kind of makes up for it  :)
Continental N Gauge / Re: Favourite Epoch
« Last post by ntpntpntp on Today at 11:06:52 PM »
Euro V and VI nowadays.  My layout was originally built in 1995 and was more Euro IV in those days, but new models have been acquired over the years and the layout itself has moved forward with the times: new station canopies, disabled elevator access to the platforms, more modern vehicles etc.

I still have all the older stock of course, and sometimes run  Euro III and IV just for a change. Nice to see 2-10-0s on the coal trains and old green eLoks etc.
Continental N Gauge / Re: Favourite Epoch
« Last post by weave on Today at 11:01:42 PM »
Hi grumbeast,

As you said I could have 2 epochs so have done so as am getting a bit more into epoch III modelling wise.

However, epoch IV is my favourite era when I travelled a lot with my dad who was a newspaper journalist but also did freelance travel writing for the SNCF.

Was hooked at Boulogne Maritime. A huge, to me, BB 67XXX pulling the Paris Express train. Living in Surrey at the time with their small EMUs (no offence) it was like something from a film.

OO Flying Scotsman was binned, Jouef HO for me. (didn't really bin the Flying Scotsman). (then  :doh:)

Back to the OP. Mainly the '80s is the one for me as it's what I remember most and brings back great memories of my late father.

France, Spain and Italy for me as well although we did travel around Germany a lot for a book he was writing. Had to choose countries when N gauge rekindled my bug and went with the former.

Sorry if boring.

Cheers weave  :beers:

Continental N Gauge / Re: Favourite Epoch
« Last post by railsquid on Today at 11:01:10 PM »
The earlier part of Epoch V (DR/DB -> DB AG transition), as that's when I lived in Berlin, though as I've acquired a fair bit of older stock my interest has drifted back in time somewhat.

I don't hold with the modern stuff draped in garish vinyls ;)
Track, Points and Underlay / Re: Help with Track Laying around Points
« Last post by ntpntpntp on Today at 10:59:24 PM »

Also, all the extra sleepers are impossible to fit after the track is laid (code 55).
 Anyone got any tips for that problem?

It may be necessary to cut them into 3 pieces to be glued down before ballasting as they can be a bit of swine to say the least!
Yes that's what I do - cut the sleepers in the troughs, spread a little PVA and glue the 3 parts into place.    It's a faff perhaps, but I prefer to lay and wire all the track and prove it's working smoothly before moving on to adding the missing sleepers, spraying the track then ballasting.
General Discussion / Re: Unhappy Thread
« Last post by talisman56 on Today at 10:52:11 PM »
Sorry to hear of your impending unemployment, Joe.

I have been made redundant twice through companies going 't*ts up' in seven years (early 2007 and late 2013). After the last one and at 57, I made upwards of 40 job applications in the following six months, and apart from the rare acknowledgement of receipt of my application, heard nothing else. I could imagine the young HR upstarts getting their socks off to count up my age from my DoB on the forms...

A small inheritance and the discovery that I could activate the pension that ended up in the Pension Protection Fund from the first company meant that I could retire early, so I had a bit of luck there, I hope you have luck in your job search.
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Atso-Cad Models Announcement
« Last post by Snowwolflair on Today at 10:51:53 PM »
I feel for Steve in all of this as well.

I have had my own problems for quite some time, as Tank is aware, and can echo the wonder with which Shapeways seem to be doing things.  I thought my increases were bad enough at 113% in several cases.

And Steve, remember, family and health first. All this lot will still be here, whenever you feel ready

I wonder how long it will take for a rival to Shapeways to be Venture Capital funded (as Shapeways is).  A new entrant can learn from Shapeways mistakes and will have an understanding of what will be commercially successful.
American N Scale / Re: The Closet Branch - A Low-Tech Layout.
« Last post by Rich_S on Today at 10:41:50 PM »

Also I made a command station from scrap wood.
I always wanted "an attached controller" looking thingie.


Hi Dats, Your weathered track looks great  :thumbsup: A lot of people now are using Rustoleum spray paints for painting their track. One can of brown will paint a lot of track. Then you come back with the paint brush and add the lighter shades here and there for the added touch.

I like your command station holder, very nice. When it comes to quick disconnect plugs, ask 10 people and you'll probably get 10 different answers. I'd say the banana plugs are just as good of a choice as any of the others.

Continental N Gauge / Re: Favourite Epoch
« Last post by RailGooner on Today at 10:40:14 PM »
Well. :hmmm: Bear in mind that British Era 9/10 are my outright favourites.

But, I have a Trix TEE 'Capitole' train and an Arnold Deutsche Reichsbahn E251 loco, both very much Rule #1. So I've voted for Continental Era IV :beers:
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