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Layout Construction / Re: Westbury Junction 1938-42 (Perceived)
« Last post by Leon on Today at 02:17:44 AM »
Hi Leon
I think the Peco fencing looks a bit plasticky if you donít paint it.
And, itís a bit out of scale I believe so I generally cut it down in size so instead of three rungs, I cut it down to two.

Martin, are there not any alternative ready-made fences available? Are two rail fences as common as the three rails? Do you agree that a weathered grey color is appropriate? I'm not sure which grey would look weathered, but there must be a shade that would work. I'll take a look at your layout images for examples.

That's where that SD-26 went to :thumbsup:

Bargain of the year already.
Great to see a new pre-BR era model (for those of us who realise railways weren't invented in 1948!). And good to a new(ish) manufacturer expanding their range - I wish them luck.

Does anybody know if the 56xxs ever made it as far north as Brecon? The Brecon & Merthyr Railway had a number of 0-6-2Ts (some of which I believe survived into the 1950s). But as far as I'm aware the northern section of the B&MR was mostly operated by GWR panniers after grouping - plus a few Dean Goods and later 2251s, plus an occasional 45xx in the 1940s. But I've never seen any photos or any mention of a 56xx on the line to Brecon?
Vehicles / Re: Oxford Diecast 2019 Ė deliveries and announcements
« Last post by Rabbitaway on Today at 12:29:22 AM »
A disappointment that there is no new tooling

Seems again that Oxford are not that interested in N gauge  :worried:

Although I did pick up the new BMW Mini in British racing green with the Union Jack roof today from the Ian Allan stop in Waterloo - nice little model.

Do you mean a 45xx 262 Prairie tank, or a 65xx 060 Pannier?


John P
Hi gentlemen I might have an out of the park request for you to chew on. The last time I asked for help over a peco Jubilee motor I received a mine of information and the Physical help of Dr Al who looked to bring fresh life to the motor but had to declare it a dead parrot in true Monty Python stylee. When i was tricked into believing the Jubilee was sound I was also conned with a Dapol 45xx 2-6-2 Pannier tank which turned out to be also dead as a dodo. Since then I aquired a new motor from DCC and started to search for diagrams or descriptions as to how to rewire the new motor as all but one very thin and fragile wire was broken or hanging loose. Up to date I have tried DCC Supplies spares listings for fresh wiring and searched every where i could think of including Haynes manuals to try and get the answers to no avail. So after all this waffle can anyone point me in the right direction to get answers as , as far as I can see it has to be wired before the motor goes in as there is only room for an engineering gnat. I fervently hope someone can help me with where to get the right wire and some form of diagram as to what end goes where as my memory is not what it was thanks to vascular heart disease and I hate to give in. Hope you can help me in the spirit of friendliness Ken.
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Graham Farish 2019
« Last post by longbow on Yesterday at 11:31:02 PM »
Welcome back. The cost of N Gauge is certainly a shock if you've been away, but on the plus side the slow pace of new models means that most items are available second hand at prices well below new.
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Loco scale speeds and gearing
« Last post by TalyllynJon on Yesterday at 10:58:28 PM »
Many years ago when I was a kid I had a Saturday job in a model shop. They had a massive 00 layout which was open to the public during summer weekends and I'd happily spend all day sat in the control cabin driving the trains around. I remember one time a guy who kept looking at his watch and scribbling on a bit of paper. Eventually he came up and complained that he'd worked out one of the trains (8 coaches behind a Lima Western) was travelling at a scale speed of nearly 250 miles an hour. But I was about 12 at the time so I saw it more as a challenge and replied something along the lines of 'Wow - and that's not even top speed - Let's see if it can hit 300mph on the next straight!!!'
Layout Construction / Re: Weston
« Last post by Bealman on Yesterday at 10:44:27 PM »
Cool video! BP! BP!!  :drool:
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Graham Farish 2019
« Last post by TalyllynJon on Yesterday at 10:35:00 PM »
Just been doing a bit of online window shopping on the Farish website - whoa - when did their prices suddenly go so mad?!!! Wagons seem to be around the £20 mark (about twice the price of Peco or Dapol), coaches are nudging £40 each and now the jinty is their only steam loco under £100 with a couple of engines well over £200!!! Looks like they're following the Apple business model - when sales start to tail off and profits take a dip, don't bother with developing exciting new products - just put your prices up! Joking aside I wonder if Bachmann have found the British N gauge market less profitable than they hoped and these are the prices we'll have to pay to keep Graham Farish viable as a long-term business? And I wonder if other manufacturers will start putting their prices up too? To me the main advantages of N gauge are that it takes up minimal space and it isn't too harsh on the wallet. The main disadvantage is the limited choice of models (and increasingly the need to find my glasses every time I want to look at my models!). I'm just getting back into model railways after a long gap. Currently I'm collecting suitable stock whilst planning my layout - but if prices are set to double the case the N gauge suddenly becomes a whole lot less compelling!
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