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Compared to all these wasteful draws on money, crowdfunding is very very low on the risk of loosing my money, and the odds of a projects success is way better than the National Lottery.

....... and I do get a thrill when a model finally arrives. :bounce:

Hear hear!  :beers:

Full page KR ad in March Model Rail for King and Shark. Website not showing either model yet, but in his post on this topic, KR dis say expressions of interest would open in "early March". I await the opportunity to give my support.

Come on, guys, let's keep the discussion positive. I assume we all want KR to succeed, however pessimistic we might be about the chances. :thumbsup:
Fantastic layout, my claim to fame is seeing it on its first outing. Will be great to see it again.

Events/Shows/Exhibitions / Re: Ally Pally Show, 21-22 March 2020
« Last post by crewearpley40 on Today at 01:12:28 AM »
Nicholas hi. By the seated eating area, or near to BH enterprises stand like last year
 Tickets from ticket factory via card payment online or phone. Cheapest way saving  was to have them sent in an email to download  / print. See you there
Shops - Online / Re: Cheltenham Model Centre
« Last post by Merrylee on Today at 01:01:04 AM »
There at Model Rail Scotland this weekend.

On My Workbench / Re: Full HOBC Train (well a few wagons shorter)
« Last post by Snowwolflair on Today at 12:43:04 AM »
Good progress and time to go to bed  :)

On My Workbench / Re: Repaint and mods to Farish buses
« Last post by PLD on Today at 12:29:09 AM »
I'm about to obtain a Farish Bristol Lodekka with the intention to repaint into West Riding red circa 1970/1 (is that NBC 'poppy red'?).
NBC's "corporate image" liveries and the Double N logo were introduced in late 1972, so in 1970/1 "West Riding Automobile Co" buses would still have been in their pre-nationalisation livery of Green & Cream. I'm not sure they had any Lodekkas being mostly a Leyland Fleet (unless any were transferred in second-hand from other NBC fleets?)

Or are you thinking of "West Yorkshire Road Car Co" who being a former Tilling company, had a fleet dominated by Bristols? In 1970/1 they would still be in the darker Tilling Red.

A couple of questions: Has anyone any experience of modifying the over-heavy panel ridges on the roof of Farish buses; i.e. filing them down etc!

Does anyone know if I can buy decals (transfers) in the correct scale saying ' WEST RIDING'? How easy is making one's own transfers?
As said, the roof ridges are the least of the models issues!!
NBC era transfers were in the Modelmaster range but 2mm scale bus transfers are no longer listed.
General Discussion / Re: My local bus stop
« Last post by Bealman on Today at 12:03:40 AM »
The steering could be a problem, though  ;D
General Discussion / Re: My local bus stop
« Last post by weave on Yesterday at 11:47:44 PM »
General Discussion / Re: My local bus stop
« Last post by weave on Yesterday at 11:42:10 PM »
 :claphappy: Yay, the trolleys are back and abandoned reasonably neatly. At least you're not all feral  :D

American N Scale / Re: Introducing the Long Valley Industrial Railroad
« Last post by Rich_S on Yesterday at 11:32:10 PM »
On the Long Valley Branch, New meets Old at Long Valley.
In 1977 the P&LE purchased six GP38-2's numbered 2051 to 2056.
In 1985 the P&LE became part of a three way transaction with Conrail and the Union Pacific.
Conrail started the transaction by selling 17 GP38's to the Union Pacific.
The UP then traded those GP38's for 15 P&LE MP15DC's.
On the P&LE the ex-Conrail GP38's were given the road numbers 2025 to 2041.

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