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Continental N Gauge / Re: 2019 new Continental items
« Last post by woodbury22uk on Today at 09:54:20 AM »
Tungsten is dense and in N, even a few grams can be very helpful.  Tungsten is increasingly being used in alloys for chassis blocks.

Cheers Mike

The tungsten/plastic mix quoted by Hiawatha above would give a desnity around 3gm/cc compared to 1gm/cc for plastic alone, and 6.5gm/cc for a diecast mazak/zamac body which would presumably be less detailed.
I have often admired the coaches offered by LS models but always resisted buying any. That was until they announced their EN 470 Zürich-Hamburg Nightjet Set.

Do they stay coupled? LS N gauge coaches used to uncouple very readily


I can't comment on previous versions but I have tested this "Nightjet" set on all parts of my layout and there have been no uncoupling problems whatsoever.
Perhaps they don't like uneven track or even a particular track geometry?
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Class 442 wessex electric
« Last post by Euston on Today at 09:44:21 AM »
Thanks njee20 for your help and advice

I would take anything when it comes to the 442, used to use them in real life when I was a child around Southampton Central always been my favourite train, hopefully one day some will potentially do one via crowd funding
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Class 442 wessex electric
« Last post by njee20 on Today at 09:36:54 AM »
Tank's right that the eBay seller one doesn't include buffers or windscreens, and I vaguely recall some white metal detailing parts too.

Although I've got the order confirmation from eBay I can't find the seller ID to see if he's still doing anything, certainly can't find any more of the cab fronts, which is a shame.

Would you want your hypothetical 442 motorised, presumably? That does make it harder and significantly more expensive as you need the 158 chassis. I'm not averse to building one if the bits become available more readily again.
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Class 442 wessex electric
« Last post by Euston on Today at 09:33:34 AM »
Oh ok tank thanks for the reply, out of interest, would you recommend kato track over peco?

As I don't have my layout built yet, just been buying locos etc but do have a tiny amount of peco, but really interested in the kato stuff for simplicity

Oh and also proberly a huge longshot, if you ever decide (or anyone else please) that you would be maybe interested in parting with a 442 please consider me, either by cash or maybe a swap - even a rare item.

Many thanks
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Class 442 wessex electric
« Last post by Tank on Today at 09:26:31 AM »
Happy to help.  Yes, this is Kato track.  It was only temporary whilst between layouts, but I've used it for about 7 years now! ;D

Layout Construction / Re: Lostwithiel MkIII
« Last post by Ensign Elliott on Today at 09:21:00 AM »
Thanks all - I'm particularly pleased with how the rodding has turned out. Hopefully it will look better once ballasted and sprayed.

Looks excellent. Shows how muted colours and careful weathering result in a high degree of photogenic realism!

I am glad to see that you airbrush your track and ballast with the same colour. This is exactly my own philosophy because the gunk that colours one will apply to the other. By this I mean rather than giving the ballast a dirty brown colour then painting the rail sides some orange colour. I have seen many prototype railway pics where this does seem to be the case but I always maintained that it was the result of the position of the sun ie: if the pic is taken in the late afternoon or evening the sun will light up the vertical rail sides and give them that orange look. In fact the rail sides colouring should be much the same as the ballast in reality.

Just my musings. Perhaps some people want to suggest low sun in their models!

Thanks Chris, I agree with you. Although in real life a lot of ballast is actually quite bright, I find in model form, it looks so much better if if track and ballast are the same muted colour with some subtle differences.
On My Workbench / Re: GNER White Rose Eurostar
« Last post by JPTRAIN on Today at 09:20:55 AM »
Well done.

Did you use the red stripe decals? I’ve always painted them, as I worried the decals would be a different colour to the (painted) doors.

I did but i didn't make use of the Colour Intensification patches underneath and I'm happy with the outcome especially after a lovely - very GNER - gloss coating
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Class 442 wessex electric
« Last post by Euston on Today at 09:16:29 AM »
Thanks for the replys and advice njee20 and tank much appreciated

I'm very envious of you both haha and the class 442 in your video tank is superb, is that kato track you have?

I will keep checking ebay as I have been daily almost for the last few years and hopefully something might pop up.

Thanks everyone for all the replys and advice
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Class 442 wessex electric
« Last post by Tank on Today at 09:09:38 AM »
Hello Euston,

As others have said, the main supplier of the parts was TPM.  Sadly he hasn't made them for some years now.  There is a seller on eBay who has basically copied and has been selling them for a few years - although I believe they don't supply the curved cab glass or the buffers.  I used Fox Transfers for the decals.

Here is a video of one of mine.  I have one which runs on a 158 chassis and another on the 153 chassis - which is faster.

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