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Layout Planning / Twyford and Butterleigh
« Last post by Biggy on Today at 01:55:58 PM »
This will be my thoughts on my new layout.
I have a 7' X3' board which I bought from Model Railway Baseboards it is well made level square and very sturdy so should provide a good foundation for the track work. It is flat topped but will include inclines and level variations as things progress. The theme is GWR in the south west and the stations are inspired by two real locations, Tiverton and Caedleigh stations (Caedleigh Station being in Bickleigh this being the GWR). This is mainly because a remember crossing the diused lines at Tiverton Station on my way to school as a boy and always feeling a sadness at the lack of trains.
However it is 'inspired by' because I am changing things quite a lot.
The good Burghers of Tiverton had great ambitions for their railway and built extensive goods and passenger facilities perhaps hoping to become a hub for frieght and a secondary mainline, in reallity these plans did not come to fruition but at Twyford they have so the single line becomes a double with the potential for long express trains hauled by Castles, Halls and Manors alongside the local autotrains and pannier hauled local goods. In this itteration there will be occasional visits from LMS locos on holiday services, when I can afford them! Just cos I like them really.
The Era is 1930's but in time I may run multi Era rolling stock later.
So I have two plans so far
Plan one  Allows for more realistic running with a fiddle yard and a branch line up to Butterleigh which is a terminus on a raised section.

Plan two Has twyford and Butterleigh on the mainline. This does niot allow a fiddle yard but has storage on scene at Twyford

Both plans allow for watching trains go by but the second would not allow for realistic operation as trains are never off scene. Though there will be hills etc to provide a slight scenic break.
I would be interested in your thoughts.
Layout Construction / Re: Port Perran/Trepol Bay
« Last post by Innovationgame on Today at 01:50:19 PM »
In any event, Rule 1 applies.  If YOU like it, then it's OK!  :thumbsup:
General Discussion / Re: Triang catalogues.... 1962-1967
« Last post by Bealman on Today at 01:49:43 PM »
Yes, I thought it was Airfix/Dapol, that's what it said in the article. That stuff in the link is definitely the old Airfix stuff - the water tank, engine shed, I had the lot!

The lineside hut that I plonked onto my layout for the photo in my thread is even in that link! Much better paint job, though  :-[
Layout Construction / Re: Normaltea Halt. Mini layout while in isolation
« Last post by zwilnik on Today at 01:48:58 PM »
Another little experiment. I've not used shaper sheets before, but they look quite handy. So I wondered how effective it would be to glue a sheet of lightweight A4 printer paper to a piece of tinfoil.

Once dry, it can be scrunched and formed. Not quite the pro effect on the woodland scenics videos, but hopefully a reasonable base for a bit of plaster and some suitable colouring.

Track, Points and Underlay / Re: Rail side rust colour experiments
« Last post by Merrylee on Today at 01:46:26 PM »
Cheap dishwashing soap and warm water is what a lot of plastic kit builders use.
Google preparing plastic models before painting and a host of info will come up.
Interesting subject which Iím following as going to do this to my track as well.

General Discussion / Re: Triang catalogues.... 1962-1967
« Last post by crewearpley40 on Today at 01:45:09 PM »
Thanks I stand corrected. I spotted the oakham signal box
General Discussion / Re: Triang catalogues.... 1962-1967
« Last post by ntpntpntp on Today at 01:43:03 PM »
Now produced by Dapol.  Certainly many of the loco kits and some of the building kits have been in Dapol bags (not boxes nowadays) when I've been browsing in shops.

Some of these should look familiar  :)  My Dad made up all of the railway related Airfix kits back in the 60s.

Layout Construction / Re: Port Perran/Trepol Bay
« Last post by dannyboy on Today at 01:39:43 PM »
I totally agree with the comments made by daffy - no need to trepidate.  ;)
Track, Points and Underlay / Re: Insulated Rail Joiners
« Last post by ntpntpntp on Today at 01:39:06 PM »
I'll get one of these and check it out I think....

If you want a medium code 55 point then I don't think you have much choice now, unless a shop has still got Electrofrog versions in stock.
I thought Roger's Wrenton had been invaded for a minute!  ;)
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