Why Did You Choose to Model N Gauge?.

Started by longbridge, November 22, 2011, 10:06:14 PM

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Mainly due to lack of space in the house but you could still
get a good model in a small space


As I live in a flat an oo gauge layout just wouldn't fit, my 4*2ft layout fits nicely in my spare room and although it has its restrictions (a door size layout would be perfect) I've fitted a double track oval with plenty of sidings on it!! :thumbsup:

N Scale A4 4468

I started young with N gauge! When I was 10. I had a OO Eurostar set originally that wasn't getting used much and I decided at the time with my parents to go smaller.


space, lack of ... live in a flat with a wife and daughters

although N is superb  ;D


I've always thought that N gauge looks far more realistic (to me anyway). The attention to detail or sometimes lack of it is less visible in N and so the overall impression is better to the eye.

OO and O have never impressed me at all. Because you can see more detail or lack of it, they seem to look more like big toys.

Harsh?  Maybe but that's just my opinion.
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I think the key thing for me is , a better idea of the train in the landscape-real scale , I like OO but N gives a real idea of a train in the real world.

sean Half-pint works

N for me, was something that started about 5 or 6 years ago, whilst recoveing from a nasty misshap on thw rugby pitch (18 months of hospitals, plaster casts and very limited use of my leg!) and OO is INCREDABLY difficult to work on when you have to ballance everything on a stuck out leg in a cast, so N gauge (at that point a pair of boxfiles!) was just perfect for me, and it kept me busy, and out of my mums hair for more than a few hours, and stopped me taking things appart and putting them back together again just to give me something to do!

Even now, when my leg is plaing up, I can get to N gauge alot easier than the big OO layout, which needs setting up and packing away after working on it!

also I quite fancied a change of period, as I have modeled GWR steam, BR steam and transition, but never a pure diesel/electric setting, so N perfect for that, as I can run long trains in less space, and get alot of nice little detail into the layout to!

PLUS alot of stock is still only availible in Kit or if you scratch build, which is rapidly becoming less and less prominent in OO, and it is very annoying to be asked if the kit that has taken hundreds of hours to build is the latest reliese from Bachmann or Hornby!




I started in 00 but I was living in a bedsit so I had to lay it out on the ground which probaly made it unreliable, my cat loved it though mainly the mat. Just didn't have the room to build a table. So I found another model shop ( the main one only did Hornby) and saw smaller scale trains, I first thought that other scales/gauges were more expensive than 00 but was pleasantly surprised they were about the same price.

Also was surprised that n gauge was getting more popular. I brought a Graham Farish catalogue plus a train set and it was like a dream come true, it was like Hornby but in n gauge I could almost get everything from one manufacturer.

So had a table that would suit the trainset it was I think 1.5 foot buy 2 so I brought more track for it. Now I moved to a bigger flat I got a 5'x3 table and getting more into this enjoyable hobby ( helps me relax) and the quality of Farish and Dapol is amazing. So I'm in love with Graham Farish plus this hobby I think I'm gonna stay doing for the long run.

I like dapol as well but Graham Farish is what I wanted, a large range of trains, buildings, track, coaches, and freight. And I got some room now.



Glad your are enjoying N gauge  :) - what types of trains and buildings do you have?
Just one Pendolino, give it to me, a beautiful train, from Italy



I got the junior starter set with the LMS tank ( I think she's a Jinty) a class 37, class 66, class 08 plus an old second hand minitrix tank loco but don't know what type.

I've just built my first Metcalfe station also got scenecraft great central canopy.

I intend to build a farm scene with countryside cause it seem easy to do maybe.
I like era7 plus the modern era. But also want to get the 5 mt Camelot steamer cause it's called Camelot. Gonna get a few cattle trucks for my farm.


Its strange but i seem to be "better" at N stuff than 00 very peculiar.
For me 2mm is really satisfying and very pleased with new realeses announced.



I'm with you on that one, Trev.... I reckon 00 models look like plasticcy toys. N scale models just seem more real to me, especially in landscaped settings. The downside is though, as I'm getting older their small size is becoming a bit of problem for me eyesight-wise.
Vision over visibility. Bono, U2.


If I was just starting to model now then I'd probably say the typical reasons:

You can "fit more in" the space you have and N Gauge models have improved a lot recently and I dare say some are better than 00.

But I originally migrated to N Gauge from 00 when I was about 14. And thinking back I have absolutely no idea why. I think I just liked the "look" of the models as you saw them going round layouts at exhibitions. Very rarely would you ever see a full length train hurtling round the track in any other scale.

Whatever the reason originally was though, I'm glad I did choose N Gauge


Good post, 60006. Rarely do you see full length expresses except in N.  :thumbsup:
Vision over visibility. Bono, U2.


There is something intrinsic about the size that appeals to me - the benefits of full length trains etc. is just a side-issue!

I can remember the excitement of getting a set for my birthday - the Minitrix starter set with the red-wheeled tank engine; just delightful!  (I rebought it recently from e-bay for nostalgia.)   And my most read magazine article was "Edgeworth" by J.E.Geary, in RM,  which I attempted to emulate with my second layout - never completed.

Cheers    Jon  :)
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