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Started by Carmont, February 07, 2024, 10:49:14 AM

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Hi All;

The chat about colour density will rage on regardless, as it looks like a dark blue from some of the recent pics and then it faded fairly quickly. The variations in Rail Blue from ex-works to in service were apparent too.
One of the difficulties in modelling is colouring to 'scale'. This was the subject of a lot of discussion with CJM about differing shades looking right or wrong due to scaling. We also used to chat about 'sunny day' and 'rainy day' colours!!
Although it would seem that Farish (Bachmann) do excellent research to get the colour 'spot-on' as far as RAL and tone is concerned the density of such a colour on a model reduced 148 times may appear a little 'heavy' or dark. The green GW150 and Royal 47s suffer (although a little less obvious) from this too. (the Farish GW150 looks a lot darker against the CJM one I own). Finish in semi-gloss or satin/matt will also change the viewer's perception.
The end result is that some people will be happy with the shade as it is the exact tone, but to others it will look 'wrong'.
The XP64 model I did (some years ago) for Bob T would have used Railmatch paint available at the time, so was that shade correct too???

Stu from NRSW
A selection of my pictures, real & model ARE NOW to be found at...

I always find things in the last place I look. weird huh??


Quote from: Nbodger on February 11, 2024, 09:41:29 PM
Quote from: Hailstone on February 11, 2024, 09:18:59 PMare there any pictures of the XP64 loco and stock ex works? it may be that like the blood and custard coaches the blue faded rather quickly, which may be why BR opted for a different shade?



Alex @Hailstone

How about this one


That's a really good read  :thumbsup:
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It seems one SECR Dance Hall brake van (all be it modified) made it all the way to the Highlands of Scotland by the early 1980's so I shall have one after all.

Pictures of it up in the Highlands are proving elusive, just one so far and I am scouring Flickr and every book I have got to see if it pops up in the background.

Thorpe Parva

And another from the front cover of the July '64 Modern Railways...

Having recently decided to model Era 6 in addition to Eras 4 & 5 then I've just ordered the XP64 loco. It's correct both in terms of livery & location although I believe that the red panels were removed after a couple of weeks.



Quote from: msr on February 11, 2024, 06:27:00 PMFurther to this discussion about the shade of blue, here are my two end to end: the new Farish on the left and the much older CJM on the right.

Quote from: Bob Tidbury on February 12, 2024, 09:09:23 AMMy one looks the same as the C J M version and Chris was an expert modeler and like Stuart would have done a lot of research to get things right .
SORRY Farish but I think you have got it wrong .

There's no doubt that Chris Marchant was a master modeller but a look at the CJM makes it clear that the livery is not so perfect.
The size of the red field should be the same height as the yellow panel yet it's much smaller on the CJM. And the Farish model is correct in having white rims and no yellow axle boxes.
I don't know the exact blue shade and which of the two is closer – but there are obvious differences of the CJM model to photos.


Personally I think the Farish colour is nearer to the photographs albeit maybe a little dark but not as light as the CJM example.
One must always remember that the colour in photographs will depend on the film type used and lighting including surrounding features like trees and buildings casting reflection.

Reproduction in the colours during printing can also be a variable along with the settings of the device you are viewing with.

These principles apply to both the real thing and the model.

Bob Tidbury

Hiawatha Perhaps at the time the CJM model was done the red square  arrows were the only ones available but Stuarts model does have the correct size red square  I still think the colour was closer to the real livery I wish I could find the photo,of the full side of the loco in Risborough station .and thn put it on the Forum .
If I can find it I WILL put it on the Forum Facebook page .
Its true as Nbodger said it also does depend on the device and film the photos were made on .But I know it was a long time ago but I am sure it wasnt as dark blue as th Farish model .


Thoroughly unscientific, but using a colour picker on my browser, and choosing three of the prototype pictures (trying to avoid obvious areas of high/lowlight, plus Mike's photo of the Farish and CJM ones - this reinforces that Farish is closer, CJM definitely a bit more green. I'm a big believer that 'right' is oddly subjective though!


I remember a thread on RMWeb, regarding the roof colour of a 92 livery;  I'm sure you'll remember it as well Nick.  There were forum members who swore Accurascale had gotten the roof colour wrong, and presented photographic evidence to "Prove" it was blue.  It was in fact black, as correctly modelled, and when in ex-works condition, it was a glossy black, which reflected the blue from the sky sufficiently to look similar to the bodyside colour of the locomotive.

We can so very easily be misled by lighting conditions, glare and the finish of the paint scheme.  If we throw in our memories, our perception, or our perception of our memories, the waters get ever more muddied...



I do indeed remember that one, and IIRC we had two brands both claiming they had the livery diagrams too, one for a grey roof and one black. :doh:

On the 92s I was surprised they (virtually) all retained blue pantograph wells, I'd happily have seen the models supplied with body coloured ones.

See also the Dapol FGW mk3s - they should have blue roofs, they just weathered to a black, with a nice hard edge provided by carriage washing. I'm glad they're wrong though, the all over blue looks wrong!

Dr Al

Quote from: njee20 on February 13, 2024, 01:06:20 PM

Thoroughly unscientific,

If you take the average of the 3 prototypes, it must be pretty close to the Farish colour. Unscientific also, but I do look at the model and think that the Farish one looks much closer than the aging CJM.

Quote from: Roy L S
If Dr Al is online he may be able to provide a more comprehensive answer.

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Here is D1733 in two guises: the CJM-repainted Poole Farish body mounted on a DCC-fitted CJM Saturn 4 chassis hauling an XP64 coach constructed from an Electra Railway Graphics body side on a Bachmann-Farish Mk1 shell and chassis. The second is the newly released Bachmann Collectors Club version hauling the same coach.

I have also attached a couple of photos showing the buffer beam detailing added to the front of the Bachmann version.


About 45 years ago in a galaxy 85 miles away, we lived next to a couple with two young children. My wife taught the little girl the names for colours and she was 100% right when asked any primary colour. One day when I was weeding a border, the girl appeared next to me clutching a very blue bucket. "What colour blue is this Mike?". I am sure as a 50 year old she will still have an eye for shades of blue.

On reflection it might well have been XP64 blue, but I can't be sure.

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