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Forum Ideas and Problems. / Re: Exceeded photo quoter
« Last post by Newportnobby on December 03, 2021, 09:41:06 AM »
You have won your bet about my concerns, John, but I laid off a bigger side bet you'd post a pic of multi-coloured worms :)
Forum Ideas and Problems. / Re: Exceeded photo quoter
« Last post by Trainfish on December 03, 2021, 12:33:49 AM »
Post edited to reflect your concerns  :thumbsup:
Forum Ideas and Problems. / Re: Exceeded photo quoter
« Last post by Bealman on December 03, 2021, 12:28:49 AM »
So was I  :uneasy:
Forum Ideas and Problems. / Re: Exceeded photo quoter
« Last post by Trainfish on December 02, 2021, 10:38:04 PM »
I'm another 'bulk uploader'. No need to add titles or descriptions etc. By the way, I usually take my pictures on my phone but sometimes on a camera. I then open them on my PC with PaintShopPro (other programs/apps are available), resize to 1500 pixels wide by whatever height comes up and save them as that before bulk uploading (I use bulk uploading even if I'm uploading just 1 picture). My pictures are generally between 250 and 350kb and pretty clear I believe. The picture below is 352kb and 1500 x 1125 pixels:

I'll also bet that @Newportnobby was worried which picture I was going to post then too  :D

EDIT: And @Bealman of course. Possibly a few others too  :D
Forum Ideas and Problems. / Re: Exceeded photo quoter
« Last post by Newportnobby on December 02, 2021, 09:07:21 PM »
When I upload direct to one of my galleries I always use bulk upload as it means that I don't have to think of a title for every image that I'm uploading.

I always use 'bulk upload' to a gallery (and I hate that word) but all my pics are given a title on my laptop anyway. It's just the easiest way to find 'em.
Forum Ideas and Problems. / Re: Exceeded photo quoter
« Last post by Nbodger on December 02, 2021, 06:58:27 PM »
David @dannyboy

If you are a win10 user then you can do all of the resizing in photo editor, I believe you also have Affinity, where you can do all cropping and resizing there to.

If unsure how to, then PM me and I will explain

Mike H
Forum Ideas and Problems. / Re: Exceeded photo quoter
« Last post by dannyboy on December 02, 2021, 06:49:26 PM »
When taking a photograph that I am going to post on the forum, I use my camera, put the memory card into the computer and open the picture with the built in Windows photo editor. If necessary, I then crop and adjust the photograph and save to the desktop. Following a post from @Newportnobby a long time ago, (thank you Mick), I then open the photograph with the built in 'Paint' programme and using that programmes resize facility, adjust the top pixel count down to about 2000 and save it. I then upload the photograph to the forum. I do not know if this is a long winded way of doing things, but it is something I stick to as I know it works for me, (and I don't have to learn anything new!). When reading posts that contain photographs, I do notice that some of them can take an age to show, but I don't know if that is the size of the photograph, or my internet connection, which can be a pain sometimes.
Forum Ideas and Problems. / Re: Exceeded photo quota
« Last post by maridunian on December 02, 2021, 05:13:54 PM »
...but then automatically, silently downsize them for storage and publication at a resolution sufficient for clear details....

If you'd like to pay the bill for it, then I'd love to have that feature on the forum!   :D  's!  When I last enquired about this, it was deemed very expensive.  These were some small 'fixes' that I did to help users edit their photo's, but sadly 'the easy way' that Facebook does it seems to make everyone think that all forums should do it in the same way.  I'd love to, but when I last looked it's was a technology that we couldn't afford.

It's doubtful that all 9k members will get ever their heads around this issue, and every new phone/camera they buy will make matters worse.

There seem to be several free online compression services out there, one of which people could be directed to to prepare (ie shrink) their photos for upload, maybe via a button in the Gallery tools?

If that's not feasible then as others have said, the generosity of the current maximum photo size appears to slow image rendering unacceptably and presumably also impacts overall performance and filestore. Dropping that maximum would push the problem back to the posting member, which isn't unreasonable, IMO.

Forum Ideas and Problems. / Re: Exceeded photo quoter
« Last post by exmouthcraig on December 02, 2021, 04:58:58 PM »
I admit that when I post "replies to my topics" they do almost always contain photos, reading Mike H comments @Nbodger which I've noted him post a couple of times now I interestingly went through some of my recent posts, knowing that they do contain probably 3/4/5 pictures.

Now I take my pictures on my phone, I post on the forum from my phone and I view the forum in desktop version on my phone, if it refreshes itself to display the 'mobile version' I have to reload it because I absolutely hate the mobile version, simply because I don't like not knowing how to work it.

In a string of photos in my posts they range from a few Kb to upto about 4 5Mb!!!!!! Now I always crop the pictures before I upload to the gallery BUT if this "cleverer then you" phone decides what Kb or Mb size image it takes I honestly don't know how to make it more 'responsible to the forum' and not clog up the pages with my tat.


I dont use any form of editing or picture hosting or anything like that because I don't know how to use it!!

So is it easier for me to just not post pictures????

I dont want to be unnecessarily cluttering up the forum, and or boring people because the picture takes too long too load
Forum Ideas and Problems. / Re: Exceeded photo quoter
« Last post by jpendle on December 02, 2021, 04:40:18 PM »
TBH, if someone can't be bothered to show consideration for other users and resize such a large image to a more reasonable size I can't be bothered to wait for it to be downloaded and rendered in my browser.

You have to remember that our membership is a broad church, just transferring a photo from a phone to a computer, and then using software to resize the image may well be beyond some people. SWMBO, for one, wouldn't even attempt to add a photo to a post here unless it "just worked", whatever that means.  :D

I have a reasonable grasp of technology, but even so I find it a lot easier to use my camera, set at lower resolution, to take pictures destined for the forum, than to use my phone.


John P
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