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Continental N Gauge / Re: MDS Modell RhB models
« Last post by Mike Beard on Today at 01:39:46 pm »
However, a failure to produce on or near the due date, say end of March target so end of April actual as the site still says +30 days, will colour peoples opinions in  a similar but lesser way that people feel when other companies claim prototypes years before any meaningful work is done.

I would feel more comfortable if there was a photo of an undecorated sample wagon on the website.

Just my simple, customers take on it not being a manufacturer, shopkeeper or in any other way committed except by reservation.

Mike Beard

Co=ordinator - WsM N Gauge Group.
Layout Construction / Re: HalWill Junction - Here We Go Again!...
« Last post by Bob G on Today at 01:33:32 pm »
Oh - but they loved their bubble cars at Halwill
These photos come from the site http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/h/halwill/

Scenery/Landscaping / Re: Wooden Canal Lock Gates
« Last post by cycletrak9 on Today at 01:33:19 pm »
Very nice modelling - and all for free!

I'm firmly convinced that when you're modelling something made of wood nothing looks as good as the real thing. That's a really tidy job.

I use the Citadel washes a lot but if you've got a lot of wood to colour the tins of woodstain from DIY shops are good value.

Looking forward to seeing the finished gates in situ.
Layout Construction / Re: HalWill Junction - Here We Go Again!...
« Last post by Only Me on Today at 01:30:43 pm »
Im afraid all kettle and third rail fans will be disappointed... westerns dmus 22s 35s 42s 37ís 24ís 31ís will be about it!
Continental N Gauge / Re: MDS Modell RhB models
« Last post by daffy on Today at 12:56:29 pm »
From details supplied by MDS on their website and in an email, MDS have made it clear from the outset that the wagons will not be available until the end of March. Like all things, I suspect this is a best hoped for date, subject to the usual vagaries of industry, and will, I suggest, be the very earliest that they will ship to orders received. Actual receipts by buyers could therefore be well into April.

This 'end of March' date also apples to all the locos bar the two analogue plain red versions that, I hope, will be shipped sooner.

I wish this company and its foray into the RhB market well, and will patiently await deliveries as and when.
Continental N Gauge / Re: Modelling Swiss narrow gauge in 1:150th scale
« Last post by daffy on Today at 12:46:51 pm »
Since the last three posts are fundamentally about the MDS Modelle company items, i have requested that the Mods move these posts, originated by Mike Beard, to the relevant thread on this topic.

Scenery/Landscaping / Wooden Canal Lock Gates
« Last post by maridunian on Today at 12:44:21 pm »
One of the features of my colliery layout is a canal wharf, served by a Lyddle End lock. The 'bargain' one I bought had no bottom gates or other accessories, so there's not been much traffic through it to-date!

Langley offer a whitemetal kit, but nothing looks as much like wood as wood, and pleased with my coffee-stirrer sleepers, I decided to build some wooden lock gates.

There's no end of reference photos of canals online. Here are some pictures i took of the lock between the Stratford-upon-Avon canal and the River Avon:

So, I got sawing, sanding and gluing!

The main panel is coffee-stirrer, vertical posts are matches, the pivots cocktail stick and balance beams (ie gate handles) lolly-pop stick. Cross members and catwalks are coffee-stirrer again, variously split. I used Gorilla Wood Glue, which seems to be PVA-based, but cures faster.

A quick dowse in a black wash (Games Workshop/Citadel Nuln Oil, used neat) gives the gates a creosoted look:

Weathering to follow - especially on the "wet" side. Some metal-work to add also, e.g. sluice paddle winders (probably from Code 80 rail) and hand rails (wire).

Another very cheap and satisfying little project!


Layout Construction / Re: HalWill Junction - Here We Go Again!...
« Last post by Karhedron on Today at 12:37:47 pm »
I agree, the Westerns look more western than southern (angling for the 2018 statement of the blindingly obvious ;) ).

If the Withered Arm had remained open and stayed in SR hands, what motive power might we have seen? Well Warships would still be candidates, as would 33s and Hymeks. A 73 might be pushing it to go all that way on diesel power but what if the line as far as Exeter had been electrified at the same time as Bournemouth? You could have a 73 hauling a decent rake as far as Exeter on the juice and then taking a 3-coach portion forward on diesel power to Bude/Padstow.

Class 101 DMUs arrived in the west country circa 1965 IIRC and would probably be a better choice of unit for some of the longer branchlines than the Dapol bubble cars which are more suited to a suburban theme.
Hi Dave,

Many thanks for those links Dave, and glad you enjoy what's going on with "Windmill Hill"

I had not seen the first video, but I like reviews from unbiased people ..... and yes, what about that intro  :D :D

With all best wishes

Its the top of the big hall.  Im surprised no advanced plan released.
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