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Author Topic: A currently unnamed shunting yard  (Read 132 times)

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A currently unnamed shunting yard
« on: June 06, 2019, 10:56:38 PM »
Hi all

After making my initial introduction thread I've been steadily working away on my little shelf sized shunting yard and wanted to show a few pictures of the progress and ask a quick question before I proceeded.

I don't have a set plan of what I'm going to do for the scenery, but I've a vague idea I'll end up going with something around the 90s / 00s English "rural industrial" style of some description.

Here's the initial track plan I've been working off of:

It's using Atlas brand track, since they're the only ones with the specific X points I needed for this.


The constructed baseboard, I'm considering replacing the rear and left panels with something a little thicker to prevent warping, but for now it is what it is.


White paint for the underside, should let me see what I'm doing for wiring and stuff that much more easily I figure.


The finished paint job. The underside and sides are gloss (the sides have since been further touched up) and the top is three layers of clear matt varnish with two layers of brown emulsion.


A quick placement of the track while I measured up the cork trackbed and stuff while checking for any problems.


Finally, where I'm at currently with the cork trackbed all glued into place.


Now my current major question is about drilling the holes for the PECO underboard point motors. What's the best way to make sure I'm getting the exact right spot for my hole drilling here? What size hole should I be going for here, are we taking about making it a tiny fraction wider than the pin and simply making sure I'm accurate to within a fraction of a millimeter here (1.6mm wide slot) or should I be going a little larger than that and if so how large? I'd like for the end result to be as hidden as reasonably possible under scenery afterwards.

My problem here isn't so much a lack of information, as it is having a bit too much info with no sorting to it and no idea which bit of info is right for my situation. Any advice on this? Thanks for any help.


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