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Author Topic: Cant Cove (and Penmayne)  (Read 587116 times)

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Re: Cant Cove (and Penmayne)
« Reply #6720 on: March 22, 2020, 07:30:33 PM »
Sofi and Giles stood outside the locked door beyond which Susan was with the three Soviets.

Suddenly there was a clicking of the lock and the door flew open to reveal … Susan.

“Sofi, Giles, run as fast as you can. I’ve set the timer and this room will very shortly implode. We’ve just got enough time to get to the back exit and out. Jeremy, get everyone outside, now!”

“No problem, Susan. Someone’s already started doing that,” replied Jeremy, adding to Rule, “tell the DJ to announce that everyone should quickly but calmly, follow us out because … there’s a gas leak!”

James Hamilton calmly stopped the record, Sam Cooke’s “Having a Party”, and made the announcement, three times. The dancers and drinkers quickly obeyed, following after Jeremy and Rule. Hamilton, pausing only to pick up his wooden boxes of 7” singles, hurried after them.

As the three ran along the corridor towards the kitchen and the loading bay, Sofi asked Susan, “Where’s the Soviets?”

“Oh, they’re all dead, Sofi. They shot each other! Come on or we'll be sucked into the implosion!”

“Shot each other?” exclaimed Sofi incredulously. Susan nodded.

“I’ll explain, later, once we’re safely out of here!”

“But the bodies? The Admiral was most insistent that, this time, he had the bodies, so his team of scientists could …” replied Giles.

“I know,” replied Susan. “But that’s not possible. No time!”

“Here’s the kitchen,” interrupted Sofi.

“This way through to the loading bay! How are we for time, Susan?”

“We’ve just enough, Giles! Keep running!”

“Get ready to shout for Poldory and the girl!”

“I can hear someone coming, Alan,” whispered Sally as they crouched just behind the stack of empty barrels with their backs to the unconscious Louis the forger.

“Yes, they told us: when you hear running, listen for the password, Unicorn, shouted three times and when you see us, run with us!”

“Unicorn! Unicorn! Unicorn!” the cries came ever louder.

Seizing Sally’s left hand, Alan pulled the young girl up. “Take a deep breath, Sally, and get ready to run for your life, girl!” She nodded, staring up at him.

Peering around the barrels, Alan saw Susan emerge from the kitchen area, closely followed by Sofi and Giles. Rising, he picked up the briefcase with his left hand.

“Run!” shouted Susan as the three approached Alan and Sally’s hiding place to be immediately followed by Alan still clasping Sally’s left hand in his right as she half-ran and was half-pulled along beside him.

They burst out onto the loading bay and paused a moment. Sofi and Giles, revolvers in hand, quickly checked around the half-open wooden doors before leaping down to crouch with their guns poised before beckoning the others to follow. Susan nimbly jumped down to squat behind Sofi.

Letting go of Sally’s hand, Alan ran down the steps, still holding the briefcase, then, putting it down, standing in front of the platform, held out his arms and ordered Sally to jump. She hesitated. Reaching up, Alan quickly grabbed her ankles and pulling her forward then downwards, caught Sally under her arms and gently placed her feet onto the ground.

“Everyone lie down!” cried Susan, “get under the edge of the loading platform! Now!”
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