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Author Topic: The Model-Railway Men, By Ray Pope Review  (Read 578 times)

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The Model-Railway Men, By Ray Pope Review
« on: August 17, 2017, 03:36:10 PM »
The Model-Railway Men, By Ray Pope

Book Review: This review is based around 'The Model Railway Men' series of childrens (although I see them as kidult) books written by my late father Ray Pope which will all be coming out in ebook and print versions shortly starting with the first in the series "The Model Railway Men" which is available now in print and Kindle along with 'Telford and The American Visitor. and 'The Model-Railway Men Take Over' as Kindle only. Original copies of the series are available on Amazon and changing hands for relatively high prices.
This book is more of an introduction to a series of books set in the '70's about a miniature family that Mark discovers living on his layout. Surreal? You bet! Mark discovers at a young age that friendships involve responsibilities and he finds he needs to keep the family a secret from others including his parents. This causes some  close shaves as well as tension and suspicion from Marks mother that he is hiding something! Why must Mark protect this vulnerable family from others who might exploit or compromise their existance. Is this an analogy for the real world where 'big', powerful, rich people can be a potential threat to 'small' vulnerable people and societies?
Aside from these potential political undertones there is a quirky surreal story that in later books sees Mark put into various situations to the point that Marks mother suspects her son needs to see a shrink because of all the weird goings on. In 'Telford Tells the Truth' Marks parents are made aware of the miniature family and a huge sigh of relief is felt by all. Moral? Don't keep secrets from those you love/trust? Allow the small guy to have a voice and be listened too. These moral issues are addressed and could provide food for thought for both young and older reader.
 Either way, Mark and his new friends have much fun together since they establish trust and boundaries that give rise to a relationship that lasts for 10 books. There is an educational aspect since the small people are named after famous engineers who built canals and railways. Telfords use of colloquialisms may be challenging to the young reader but using phonetics may help their reading improve. There are social and political issues raised as well as much fun to be had on the model railway or miniature world.  Negatives may be the dated nostalgic feel, but that is currently staging a resurgence! 

ISBN: 978-0-9957291-1-7

Score: 5
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