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Title: Help!!1 - driveshaft reseating
Post by: mojo on August 25, 2019, 01:50:30 PM
Does anyone have tips for re-seating the driveshaft on a Dapol A4 (valanced version) please?

Previously when it came adrift I must have been lucky as I managed re-connection first time. Now I am having no joy at all with re-seating.

Maurice C.
Title: Re: Help!!1
Post by: thebrighton on August 25, 2019, 04:26:09 PM
Connect it into the slot on the locos yoke first then have a look how it lines up with the tenders yoke. Chances are the motor has turned over a partial revolution. Just use a flat bladed screwdriver to rotate the yoke so the slots in it line up again with the pegs on the shaft and pop it in. You can of course add it to the tender first then loco. Also remember to always pick the loco and tender up together to avoid one of them dropping as that is when the shaft pops out.
Title: Re: Help!!1
Post by: Fredastaire on August 25, 2019, 07:11:21 PM
May i also recommend a visual of the tender coupling, they are a small push fit tube with the slit for the drive shaft. Sometimes they split and slide toward the tender so you cant refit the drive shaft.
Title: Re: Help!!1
Post by: mojo on August 25, 2019, 09:40:23 PM
Thanks fo the replies, the shaft is attached to the tender and I had not appreciated that it would detach at both ends.
Stupid me, as it would not be practical engineering if it was not.

Maurice C.
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