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Title: Barnton Yard
Post by: Flakmunky on August 20, 2018, 05:39:20 PM
Hi All,

I was quite active both modelling and on the forum about 6 years ago... A baby changed things quite a lot and also meant that my layout, Dinsdale Park, had to be sold as the hobby room became my daughter's room...

So that was 6 years ago....

In the interim, I've been planning a layout and reading about modelling but apart from little bits and pieces, I've not actually done any modelling!

The layout I have been planning is for the new hobby room, but that is a longer-term project and will be quite large.

So, in the meantime, to scratch my modelling itch, I decided to build an Inglenook based shunting plank.

This, of course, grew in scope as all layouts tend to do!

My preferred modelling era is late 1970s - early 1980s, and I have always loved the Class 08, so this was my motive power. I had bought a bunch of private owned wagons to use, but decided against using these for 2 reasons: 1) they weren't historically accurate and 2) the length meant the sidings looked comically short.

As a result, I decided to go with OAA open wagons and use different loads to differentiate them for operation.

Anyway, this is the plan I ended up with... I wanted a little more than just the sidings, so included the mainline and the spur to the sidings....

(http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/gallery/68/37-200818171548.jpeg) (http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view&id=68307)

The mainline at the top of the plan will extend to the edge of the board and will be powered, however it will be used primarily just as a diorama for some of my stock.

So there we go... I'll be updating this thread as the layout develops...

Thanks for your interest.
Title: Re: Barnton Yard
Post by: AlexanderJesse on August 20, 2018, 05:50:19 PM
If you want to use the short cars on long sidings for inglenook, you could
- use temporary blockers while you do competitions to shorten the siding
- use an industry building with the correct number of doors to define exactly where the cars have to be...

I have seen layouts where boxcars of different length were used. But not every length was allowed to be stored at every place... makes shunting even more demanding
Title: Re: Barnton Yard
Post by: Flakmunky on August 20, 2018, 09:24:32 PM

Yes, thanks for the suggestion... I'll be doing something similar with the headshunt as it is too long... Also, I might have a building on the end of the 2 parallel sidings with doors...

Anyway, here is a pic of where I was working out the siding lengths...

(http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/gallery/68/37-200818212658.jpeg) (http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view&id=68309)
Title: Re: Barnton Yard
Post by: Newportnobby on August 20, 2018, 09:48:10 PM
Firstly, congrats for the addition to the family.
Secondly, welcome back into 'the collective'. You have been assimilated again :D
Title: Re: Barnton Yard
Post by: Flakmunky on August 21, 2018, 06:16:28 PM
Hey Nobby,

Thanks, it's been a while... It's good to see some of the familiar faces are still around... You and Tank for starters!

Anyway, I'll keep this thread updated with the model as it progresses.

Title: Re: Barnton Yard
Post by: port perran on August 21, 2018, 06:18:25 PM
Welcome back to the fold
Title: Re: Barnton Yard
Post by: bluedepot on August 21, 2018, 08:08:45 PM
hello and welcome back!

Title: Re: Barnton Yard
Post by: Flakmunky on August 21, 2018, 09:46:16 PM

There's 2 more names I recognise!

Thanks for the welcome (back)...

I have popped by a few times in the intervening years. I popped back to update a post I'd made here (http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?topic=11793.msg121101#msg121101) about track centres but life has always gotten in the way of anything more. Including modelling!

Anyway, back to the build...

Here you can see the board has been built (and painted) and I am in the process of cutting the track to length, and soldering droppers for the DCC bus. Did I mention I was using DCC?

(http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/gallery/68/37-210818215224.jpeg) (http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view&id=68357)
Title: Re: Barnton Yard
Post by: Flakmunky on August 23, 2018, 06:23:17 PM
I've been busy track laying....

Here you can see all of the track is down. I glued the track down with Copydex, I find it has good grip once dry but is easy enough to lift track if needed. It can also be removed from the board or the track without leaving a trace by rubbing it with a dry finger.

You can see here that I have not added sleepers between the track joints. I find this difficult to do when laying track so go round later and glue them in place with PVA. It does mean the sleepers have to be cut in to 3 pieces in order to get them in position, but as I said, trying to get them in place when laying the track is just too fiddly for me...

I purposely didn't lay the sidings parallel with the board and the mainline's slight curve is intentional as well!

Any questions, I'm happy to answer!

Next job is adding the sleepers and painting the track....

(http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/gallery/68/37-230818182245.jpeg) (http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view&id=68419)

(http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/gallery/68/37-230818182312.jpeg) (http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view&id=68420)
Title: Re: Barnton Yard
Post by: Flakmunky on August 29, 2018, 10:39:40 AM
Painting of the track is underway!

(http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/gallery/68/37-290818103719.jpeg) (http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view&id=68526)

I'm quite pleased with the outcome so far. I'll be adding dry brush effects and possibly a wash once ballasting is complete. For now, however, the colours are working quite well for me...
Title: Re: Barnton Yard
Post by: Bealman on August 29, 2018, 10:46:31 AM
You're back with a vengeance buddy! Great pictures and progress.

Congrats on the addition to your family, and welcome back to the NGF!  :beers:
Title: Re: Barnton Yard
Post by: Flakmunky on August 29, 2018, 10:52:29 AM
Thank you! It's good to be back...

Title: Re: Barnton Yard
Post by: Flakmunky on August 30, 2018, 09:49:02 PM
I've finished painting the trackwork, the following picture shows the paints I used. I started off painting the sleepers and the rail sides with the Track Dirt, then painted the rails and chairs with Rusty Rails. Finally I dry brushed with the Sleeper Grime...


I'm quite happy with the results, but I'm thinking of ripping the whole lot up...

I'm thinking I may have a go with FiNetrax trackwork... During my modelling hiatus, I did a lot of looking at 2mm FS and am on the fence as to whether to jump ship... What stops me is the conversion of my rolling stock. So FiNetrax would allow me to go finescale without having to convert anything.

Has any one had a go and any comments? How do you join the plain track?