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Title: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on January 01, 2017, 05:23:04 PM
Cemaes Bay, is my attempt at meddling with history with a "what if" the original proposal for the Anglesey Central Railway had actually reached Cemaes Bay rather than stopping at Amlwch.  As with the actual line to Amlwch history remains unchanged until the late fifties when Cemaes Bay proximity to the proposed Wylfa nuclear power station makes it ideal for transporting nuclear fuel (in preference to Valley).  Well that's the backstory which gives me the opportunity to run multiple eras. 
I actually started this early 2015 and got as far as wiring the track work and then stalled with fitting the point motors. The board is 1.2m by 0.3m and is very conventional in construction, track work is Peco code 80.  I have to build the second board which will have the fiddle yard and the spur/ head shunt that is missing from the first board. Hopefully progress in 2017 will be steady.

(http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/gallery/46/723-010117172037.jpeg) (http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view&id=46759)
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: port perran on January 01, 2017, 05:36:29 PM
Looking forward to seeing this develop.
I like "what if" layouts.
Hope you manage to get some modelling time in 2017.

Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on January 02, 2017, 07:43:44 PM
Managed to get some time to fit and wire up the point motors.  I decided to use the Peco wire looms for four of the points rather than soldering, certainly made life a lot easier.  The points will be controlled using Peco switches, however in the short term a temporary control panel will be set up to test the system before putting down the ballast. 

(http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/gallery/46/723-020117193952.jpeg) (http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view&id=46812)
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on January 04, 2017, 11:41:10 PM
Unfortunately no progress in checking out the performance of the point motors. However, I thought I would get an idea of how it could look.  I am using some ratio kits I have for the station building, goods shed and other bits.  The signal box (based on Colwyn Bay)  I built this for a club layout we scrapped last year, it needs a little TLC.  Fairly happy with the arrangement, when I fit the missing headshunt I can check out the operation of the yard.  Well here are a few pictures, thanks for looking.
(http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/gallery/46/723-040117233223.jpeg) (http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view&id=46866)

(http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/gallery/46/723-040117233418.jpeg) (http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view&id=46867)

(http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/gallery/46/723-040117233917.jpeg) (http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view&id=46868)
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Bealman on January 05, 2017, 12:12:59 AM
Coming along very nicely!  :thumbsup:
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Newportnobby on January 05, 2017, 11:59:19 AM
I like it!
(Thanks for opting for electrofrogs ;))
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on January 29, 2017, 04:41:20 PM
There has been some progress on the layout, although it has been rather tedious as in a moment of madness I decided to paint the rails and sleepers.  Hopefully when it has been ballasted it will look ok. Whilst in the painting mode the platform edges (Peco) have been done and the NGS shock wagons I picked up from the NGS stand at the last Dapol open day have also gone into the paint shop. 
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Steamie+ on January 31, 2017, 05:41:02 AM
Think we all have those moments, madness that is   lol.       :laugh: :laugh:   
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Bealman on January 31, 2017, 06:44:50 AM
Just took another look at this.

Love the neatly laid track and equally neat wiring!  :thumbsup:
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on January 31, 2017, 11:29:01 PM
Bealman thanks for your kind comments on the wiring and track.
I feel some might say my moments are continuous when it comes to railways Steamie+ :D
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Steamie+ on February 01, 2017, 07:22:58 AM
Bealman thanks for your kind comments on the wiring and track.
I feel some might say my moments are continuous when it comes to railways Steamie+ :D

HaHaHa   :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on July 06, 2017, 12:46:41 AM
Well it has been quite a while since I updated this thread with progress of this layout.
Wiring has been completed and a apart from one dead spot it works fine, soon as I have figured out the dead spot ballasting will commence.  The two building shells have been painted, requires toning down as they are too bright.  The platform has been started and the station yard ground level is being built up to rail height.  I have tried to upload some images it appears rather unsuccessfully so they might have to follow tomorrow.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on July 06, 2017, 07:41:48 AM

(http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/gallery/53/723-060717072110.jpeg) (http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view&id=53171)
Looking along the layout from the station yard, not quite sure which side to have the back scene on. 

Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Bealman on July 06, 2017, 07:57:15 AM
I'd be tempted to go with the left side in the above photo, but if the layout is portable and able to be operated from both sides, why not a portable backscene?  :hmmm:
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Newportnobby on July 06, 2017, 09:42:04 AM
I'd go with the LHS as well but that's because I like to look across platforms at trains rather than the train blocking out the platform :hmmm:
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on July 06, 2017, 10:28:04 PM
Thanks for the comments on the backscene NewportNobby and Bealman, I hadn't thought of a moveable backscene, as the layout is intended to be portable will try that out, like the idea of change of view  :D.  I do like looking at layouts at platform level so hopefully the end results will be ok. I am going to try out the Dapol easi-shunts on the layout and have decided to try out the magnet method Karhedron developed.  The platform has been stuck down after a few clearance runs with a Class 08, doesn't look too wide a gap with the coaches, wouldn't want the little folk falling down the gap.

Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on July 07, 2017, 12:13:21 AM
A few images of the layout

Platform view

From the station entrance end

Bulk of the wiring, one point motor and track supply out of shot.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: weave on July 07, 2017, 08:09:23 AM

Just seen this layout. All looking very nice and looking forward to more.

Cheers weave
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on July 10, 2017, 12:05:41 AM
Only progress this weekend has to been buying the bits needed to finish the second board.  This should allow me to finish off the first board's track work and sort out how I will store the layout when not in use.
Also been thinking about the platform surface, Amlwch and other stations on that branch seem to have a paved area two slabs wide (at the most) running the length of the platform and only the immediate area of the station building was fully paved.  The rest of the platform area seems to either be gravel or tarmac, even though I have sieved Woodlands scenics fine ballast with 30 mesh and 40 mesh sieves it still seems too large for platform gravel.  40 mesh is 0.411mm aperture which is around 60mm which I think is fine for ballast but not for a passenger area.  I think I will try glass paper (memories of a woodwork teacher who hated the term sand paper) or wet and dry and see what looks best.
Apart from the station building, I will copy Amlwch and have a ticket collector's office but add a small store further along the platform.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Innovationgame on July 10, 2017, 06:41:23 AM
Fine wet and dry should be good for tarmac.  Fine glass paper could be good for very light coloured gravel.  The size you need for each grain of gravel is 0.07mm, which is equivalent to 10mm gravel.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on July 10, 2017, 08:32:12 AM
Thanks Innovationgame, I will give fine glass paper a try and see what it looks like painted a light grey. 
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on July 17, 2017, 12:18:16 AM
Well the second board has been built, identical construction to the first board.  This makes the layout 2.4m x 0.3m (8' by 1') and I feel this will be ideal for the moment.  Some spare track was laid out to get an idea of the fiddle yard (four roads).  The head shunt will extend into a private siding to give a little more interest.
As the layout won't be permanently up, I played around with an idea of boxing in the layout using both boards, without the backscene boards, this arrangement is a little flimsy.
Now that the second board has been done, it is back to the scenics on the first board to complete the station and goods yard.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Innovationgame on July 17, 2017, 06:25:03 AM
That's a very novel and sound idea for storing the boards.  It should be robust and give everything plenty of protection.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: keithbythe sea on July 17, 2017, 08:02:02 AM
A cunning solution!
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Mito on July 17, 2017, 02:26:59 PM
Put diagonals on the supports. That will make it much stronger when the baseboards are bolted together.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: keerout on July 19, 2017, 09:34:39 PM
... or backscene boards on the long side and a couple of offcuts (board or thin ply) with some fingerholes in the middle for picking-up...
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on July 19, 2017, 11:34:45 PM
Thanks for the all the comments and helpful suggestions, the intention is to use the back scene to stiffen the arrangement, but I will probably change the existing batons for wider ones so that I can get two fixing points per baton.  I am considering arranging the back scenes so that they slot into a baton fixed to the other board.  This hopefully will make packing away easier (less of a balancing act) the ends would then be solid ply with hand holes cut into them.  That will be a weekend activity for the future. 
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on July 27, 2017, 11:38:38 PM
Well, I started on completing the platform and was about to fix the station building when I thought the interior was rather Spartan. Using a few plasticard scraps added the fireplaces for the chimneys, some seating, a bit of furniture for the booking office.  As delivered the Ratio kit has a couple of interior doors which I have blocked off.  Just need to paint the additions and fit to the platform and add the roof.  Not sure what to do with the end room.
Ok it won't be seen again but it's better than an empty shell.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Train Waiting on July 28, 2017, 07:59:04 AM
This is a super project and is coming on nicely.

I am now thinking about the wiring for my layout and greatly appreciate the photographs you posted showing your very neat wiring arrangements.

Thanks again and best wishes.

Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Jeremy Edwards on July 28, 2017, 09:00:55 AM
I've only just found this thread.  I'm going to follow with a lot of interest. 

I think your track plan is excellent - simple, realistic but with just enough to create plenty of operational potential (my layout is a siding short of being interesting).  I also like your baseboard storage method and this has just thrown up an interesting answer to a problem I've just posed in my thread in Layout Planning.

Having read a couple of articles in the latest N Gauge Journal last night I very much appreciate how you are trying to improve the interior of your station building too.  All my current buildings do not have glazed windows and are in some form of low relief.

I think the suggestion to have a removable back scene is brilliant for your purposes although i would be tempted to do away with one all together, neaten the baseboard edges and put a low perspex edging strip - particularly if taking the final product to exhibition.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on July 29, 2017, 10:56:19 AM
Many thanks for your encouragement, I'm glad if my efforts can help someone else, that's the benefit of the N gauge forum, I've certainly learnt from it.
I'm hoping to finalise the storage issue this weekend (weather permitting), although the principle remains the same, it should be easier to fit together.  The motive for this is to lay the track on the second board so that the electrics can be finalised (in reality I want to play trains occasionally).
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on July 30, 2017, 06:40:11 PM
Managed to sort the majority of the storage arrangement for Cemaes Bay before the rain arrived, so now the scenery can be fixed and no worries that it will get damaged (hopefully).  The plan was to use the back scenes as part of the storage structure and after faffing around (it was quite unstable and required a degree of balancing before fixing) with the original idea, I decided to go for a slot arrangement on the side so that the back scenes just drop in.  So far it seems to work ok, black felt along the inner edge will protect the back scene from scuffing.  I need to finish (fixing holes) the other end and Cemaes Bay can safely live in the cupboard when not being worked on.
Starting materials
Finished item

Another benefit not planned for is the slots are ideal for suspending the control panel from, when this gets made.  The electrics need to be rerouted now, the current temporary position is no longer viable fortunately there is some MDF board left over, another weekend job beckons.  In reality this should of been done before the track and electrics were laid and if starting again I would go for wider side batons and use a Router to create the ledge in them.
Earlier I had mentioned I couldn't decide which side to place the back scene. I quite like looking across the platform at the trains, equally across the board at the station.  In completing the storage idea, the back scene mounting positions are identical on all long edges of the board.  This means I can have the back scene on either side as in the images below.



The back scene is 150mm high and is fixed in three places, this is to allow the fiddle yard board back scene to be modified at a later date.

Back to sorting out the electrics, finishing the station, re-fixing the platform (which I managed to knock off) the concrete (well plaster) hard standing in the goods yard. 
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Train Waiting on July 30, 2017, 06:53:01 PM
That is excellent joinery work.  Well thought out and accurately constructed.

Having such a good storage arrangement will save you no end of annoyance later on.

Great job!

All the very best.

Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on August 01, 2017, 07:21:37 PM
The layout of Cemaes Bay is a very much ďwhat ifĒ, so a bit of interference in history is needed to make it existence plausible.
Historically a couple of Acts of Parliament for the Anglesey Central Railway (ACR) were passed 1863 and 1866 that allowed the building of several lines in Anglesey.
In reality the line from Gaerwen to Almwch was opened in 1867, there was a branch line built in 1908 from Holland Arms to Red Wharf Bay, however, this version of history the authorised (1866 Act) branch line is built from Rhosgoch to Cemaes Bay in 1868.  This gave a branch line of about four miles and which in this version of history terminated to the east of Cemaes Bay village.
Initially goods traffic was sparse, the ACR struggled financially before being taken over by the LNWR.  Fortunes for the branch then took a turn for the better, when the owners of the Porth Wen brickworks decided to establish their works at Cemaes Bay rather than on the coast to the North East of Cemaes Bay and relying on the sea to get their product to market.  Their finest firebricks were soon in demand from the Steelworks in North East Wales, also the brickworks and potteries around Wrexham.  Their private siding generated a steady traffic for coal inward and firebricks outward and rather than the Porth Wen brickworks closing in the early 20th century it continued operating into the 60s although the volumes were much reduced reflecting the decline in the traditional industries of the period.  With a reasonable sized industrial site nearby, this will give a reasonable general merchandise traffic flow into the good yard to support the growth in local population.
From 1963 the branch received a boost in traffic from the building of the nearby Wylfa power station and eventually being the site for the transhipment of nuclear materials from Wylfa to Windscale (Sellafied) in preference to Valley.
Hopefully this doesnít sound too farfetched.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: scottishlocos on August 04, 2017, 07:36:25 PM

Looking good so far would look great with a class 25 or 31 on the Nuclear traffic and a battered DMU providing the passenger service.

Also are you going to model and of Almlich chemicals traffic?
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on August 05, 2017, 11:10:10 PM
Hi Scottishlocos, thank you, I do have a 25 and 31 but in green, not got round to getting them in blue yet and the GF nuclear flask I have is probably too modern for the blue era.  Certainly can do the blue DMU though  :) . 
I wasn't planning to model the Almwch Bromine traffic as I haven't any suitable stock currently. There is probably potential to create other industries which could of relocated to Anglesey as a result of WWII, supplying the seaplane facility near Beaumaris would quite interesting.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on August 17, 2017, 12:47:53 PM
I had hoped to have sorted out the second board, alas best laid plans and all that mean progress has been limited in the last couple of weeks.  Most of the limited progress has been on the buildings (station and goods shed).  At the weekend I went to Ellesmere model railway club's show which is quite local and although there wasn't as many n gauge layouts as previously it was a good show.  Anyway I picked up Severn Model's kit N17 weighbridge from their stand.  I haven't attempted a brass kit before (probably due to a lack of ability on the soldering front), however these kits are designed for gluing together so I thought I would have a go.
Well Cemaes Bay goods yard needs a weighbridge and now it has one.  The doorstep and weighbridge part aren't fixed to the hut. 

I'm quite pleased with the result.  It was a really easy kit to put together, the fiddliest bit was the chimney cap and the end barge-boards.  Next job is to paint.  Severn Models do a lovely model of a detached house with portico which I might just find a reason for it to be exist at Cemaes Bay.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: PeteW on August 17, 2017, 02:59:30 PM
Looks like a nice model - very crisp detailing. Looking forward to seeing it painted :thumbsup:.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Jeremy Edwards on August 17, 2017, 03:51:24 PM
Smart model.  Nicely put together.  Have you decided on a site for it?
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Train Waiting on August 17, 2017, 06:09:22 PM
Very nice; very nice indeed.

For such a small building, brass looks to be a particularly suitable medium.

Congratulations on a lovely model.  :greatwork: :admiration:

Best wishes.

Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on August 17, 2017, 11:39:14 PM
Thanks for the encouragement, it was primed this evening and will start to paint and weather it from tomorrow.  Need to complete the goods yard surface and work out a plausible entrance for the local coal merchant and general traffic.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: keithbythe sea on August 18, 2017, 07:01:49 AM
Nice looking model Rowlie, well constructed  :thankyousign:
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: BoxTunnel on August 18, 2017, 09:06:29 AM
Great looking model and having googled them, Severn Models have a number of interesting kits for which I will be petitioning Father Christmas!

Graham, being a very good boy, honestly Santa.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Innovationgame on August 18, 2017, 11:56:04 AM
Great looking model and having googled them, Severn Models have a number of interesting kits for which I will be petitioning Father Christmas!

Graham, being a very good boy, honestly Santa.
Yes, there's a really good range of items there!
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on August 18, 2017, 11:04:24 PM
I thought the kits look better in real life compared to the images in model railway press.  The O gauge drawing board was similar to the one I had in the first job.  Apparently there may be another n gauge furniture set coming out.  As for the weighbridge first coats of paint have been applied.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: port perran on August 19, 2017, 08:45:42 AM
Thats a lovely little model. Looking forward to seeing it in its painted form.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on August 21, 2017, 06:49:43 PM
A quick update on the weighbridge, I thought it was ok at normal viewing distances but having looked at the photo, not so sure  :hmmm:
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Jeremy Edwards on August 21, 2017, 06:53:22 PM
Looks pretty good to me.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Mito on August 21, 2017, 09:21:38 PM
Looks pretty good to me.

And me :thumbsup:
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Train Waiting on August 21, 2017, 09:30:30 PM
The photograph looks good to me and it's about '0' gauge size on my screen!

Normal viewing distance is what matters.

It's a lovely model.

Best wishes.

Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: PeteW on August 22, 2017, 01:43:26 AM
Looks fine to me, too. You might try some black for the interior of the chimney pot, and maybe a mucky wash across the roof to pick out the tile detail but that's about all I could suggest to improve it.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: keithbythe sea on August 22, 2017, 07:24:25 AM
Looks pretty good to me.

And me :thumbsup:

Me too.  :thumbsup:
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on August 27, 2017, 11:15:26 PM
The weighbridge has received a couple of washes and as I wanted to have flush glazing rather than clear plastic behind the window frame I have tried out Deluxe's Glue n Glaze for the glazing, rather pleased with the result. 


Now that it is ready for planting I need to get on with the layout.  The last couple of weekends I have been sorting out the shed.  The shed has had benches fitted and partly lined, so I am now able to leave the layout erected.  Work on the layout today has been to lay the underlay on board two, finishing off the goods yard hardstanding, next job is to lay and cut the track across the join. A new control panel is also required and this has necessitated removing some of the existing wiring from board 1.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on August 29, 2017, 11:18:55 PM
The two boards have been joined and the track laid across the join, still need to get the hang on the soldering of the droppers to the track without causing too much melting of the sleepers.  :doh:


Wiring has been terminated into connection blocks ready for the control panel, the track plan has been drawn in PowerPoint, better get the panel built so layout testing can start.  The fiddle yard is short of two points which have gone into hiding in my stock of bits and pieces.  The head shunt come private siding will go into the factory area.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on September 03, 2017, 09:50:45 PM
Well managed to spend time working on the layout at the weekend.  Track was completed on board two, and the point motors fitted to the fiddle yard.  Having found an extra point (really must keep tabs on what I have in), the fiddle yard has four roads.  The right hand private siding will have a warehouse between it and the fiddle yard (also covering the point motors).


Of course being set in North Wales there should be a narrow gauge railway, so the factory will be served by a narrow gauge railway for raw materials, this will give me the opportunity to have an excuse to have this as a load either on the way to De Winton's of Caernarfon or on its way back.


Unfortunately the control panel only got as far as the board with the track diagram, for Cemaes Bay I am using mainly Peco switches, the other board is for the module I am building which is part of the Wrexham Area NGS group layout.  With luck I should get Cemaes Bay control panel operational next weekend.

Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on October 09, 2017, 08:28:40 AM
Iím not sure where September went, but the control panel didnít get finished the following weekend (TINGS won). No photos to show, the second board has been painted and all the board wiring has been done.  During my search for Peco switches in my railway drawers I found a lot of scenic items I had bought over the last few years and forgotten about, I think they were definite ďoh that might be usefulĒ buys..oops.  Well I have all the switches and so the control panel can get finished, hopefully soon (ish). 
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on May 07, 2018, 02:36:03 PM
Well it has been seven months since I last posted about Cemaes Bay my "what if" layout.  Progress came to a grinding halt shortly after the last post, partly due to electrical faults, partly that the shed was too cold to work in and partly that life got in the way of model railways.
The last couple of weekends has seen renewed progress, the electrical faults appear to have been resolved (fingers crossed) and was in part down to basic errors by me in setting up electrofrog points (e.g. putting metal fishplates where an insulated fishplates should be  :hmmm:). 
The station layout has been revised with an extra turnout being installed at the buffer end of the station, the track plan (drawn in SCARM) is shown below.  This extra bit of track might be used for Loco servicing or an end loading dock (Almwch was situated at the end of the passenger platform), not quite decided yet.  The entrance to the goods yard has moved the be central in the layout sharing the road access to the brickworks.

Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on May 20, 2018, 11:07:12 PM
Fortunately the electrical fault finding has been successful and all the electrical gremlins have been fixed.  As a result there has been light engine movements around Cemaes Bay today.  The test engine was a class 08 and had no issues with the points, although they are electrofrog, electrical conductivity is still dependant on the blade contact. The wiring under the station board doesnít look as neat as it did a few pages back. Now that the trackwork appears to be in an operational state, attention can be now paid to filling in the gaps in the sleepers and adding the ballast. 
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on May 28, 2018, 11:29:04 PM
A little more progress on the layout has been made, all the electrics have been been completed and the underside of the station board looks very different than before.
To get a feel for how the layout might look like, the buildings were laid out on the layout.  The boards have been swapped around.  Although I have arranged the layout to allow the background either side, it probably will be viewed this way round so the fiddle yard can be hidden behind the brick works.  The Kestrel factory will need to be slimmed down so it can fit closer to the station.  Apologies for the quality of the pictures but hopefully it gives a feel for what I am aiming for.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Innovationgame on May 29, 2018, 06:23:06 AM
Very neat electrics.  Well done!
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on May 29, 2018, 07:51:49 AM
Thank you Laurence, much appreciated
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Train Waiting on May 29, 2018, 08:02:14 AM
Great progress!

This is a super layout.

Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Caz on May 29, 2018, 08:18:16 PM
A little more progress on the layout has been made, all the electrics have been been completed and the underside of the station board looks very different than before.

Mine started out like that, I now too ashamed to post a pic of the current wiring mess.   :-[   ::)
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on May 29, 2018, 11:05:22 PM
Hi John thanks for your encouragement, and Iím sure Caz itís not as bad as you make out, I think we all feel things are worse than they actually are.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Caz on May 30, 2018, 09:52:16 PM
Iím sure Caz itís not as bad as you make out, I think we all feel things are worse than they actually are.

Nice try, you almost got me to post the evidence to how bad it is but I resisted at the last moment.   ;)   :sweat:
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on June 03, 2018, 10:36:16 PM
Hi Caz, a lucky escape then! 
Well the electrics were left alone today, and work centered on the goods yard.  Removed the last of the plaster that was the original and unsuccessful idea for the yard area.  The Timber edging to the tracks has been fixed and the Goods Shed floored (not so sure this would be prototypical) for a better working environment. Clearance was checked and the rolling stock ran through the goods shed area with no issues.  The picture indicates the plastic bending up by the goods shed, however it didn't foul the couplings.  I will make up the ground with ash fill so it shouldn't look too bad (hopefully  :hmmm:)
Also tried was the uncoupling on the platform line, the magnets were fitted a while back, but only got round to fitting the Dapol uncouplers today.  Well it works okay pushing by hand, let's see if the same result occurs under power.  Checking the platform for clearance, it has been decided to scrap the existing one and build the new one in-situ.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on December 11, 2018, 09:56:45 PM
Well this layout is definitely in the stop start category, I hadnít expected it to go into its fourth year without the main board being more or less finished.  However, I did seem to lose a bit of enthusiasm for model railways in the middle of the year, however hopefully it is back having adopted the 15 minute per day approach I read on a Rapido blog and seeing what the teams in the great model railway challenge could do in a few hours.  I know that programme wasnít to everyoneís taste, however it seemed to have a far few followers at the place I work who arenít railway modellers.  Apart from the usual domestic distractions, a fair bit of my time in the last year or so has been taken up with assignments for a post graduate diploma I am taking in connection with the sort of work I do.  Anyway it is now on the home straight with only two assignments and a viva left. Enough about me, well the recent activity on the Cemaes has been finishing off the station building, new roof required as I stored the original in a very safe place (díoh).  Finishing the goods shed, building the coal merchants office (from the Ratio kit), the brickworks office at the works entrance (using the Kestral level crossing building).  Competing against this have been trying to paint the mini mes (Courtesy of Modelu) and taking inspiration from some absolutely fantastic railway modelling on this forum.  I will post some pictures of the buildings at some point in the near future.  Thanks for reading.
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Post by: Bealman on December 11, 2018, 11:26:45 PM
Having retasked a Kestrel level crossing house myself, I'm looking forward to the pics.  :thumbsup:
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Post by: Rowlie on December 12, 2018, 07:14:29 PM
Hi Bealman there wonít be too much of a change for the Works gatehouse will be as it comes in the kit.  I am however, adding half of the sign (itís an etch that folds over so for my purpose I get two signs) that came with coal merchant kit. I wonít be using the gutters or drainpipes that came with the kit, a bit too crude so I will fabricate something new.
On the building front there is quite a bit to do in the factory, the Kestral factory will be tapered with maybe offices at the narrow end, boiler house, perimeter wall and a kiln or two. 
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Post by: Rowlie on January 01, 2019, 04:08:10 PM
Happy New Year folks
Looking back at the thread, this is its second birthday.  No progress to report on the boards themselves, when it gets a bit warmer I will start on the scenery and removing the kink in the platform road.  Some progress has been made on the station over the last few days.  This is an overall view of the station
The station building is based on the Ratio kit, with internal walls, seats, fireplaces etc, not they will ever be seen again, as the replacement roof is permanently fixed. There is still a few jobs to be done on the building, gutters, drainpipes, chimneys, more signage, some filling of gaps and paint touch ups.  It is really only with the close ups that you see the snags needing to be finished.  Here is the platform side of the station.
The seats have just been placed to get an impression, they need painting maroon before fixing.  The ticket hut to the left of the building is a modified Ratio lineside hut, Almwch had one which appears prominent in all of the BR period photos I have seen.  I have imagined that this was also applied to Cemaes Bay as well. The kit has been modified by adding in a couple of windows with the frames coming from some etched factory windows I have.  The photos show it in two positions one with the door on the way out side and one with the door on the platform side.  I prefer the platform side (sames as Almwch).  The fencing is from Ratio, as is the gate (hut and gate will be positioned to stop anyone sneaking around the side to avoid the ticket collector!).  Just to get a feel for the station I took an eye level photo of the ticket hut.
In researching Almwch station, photos tend to fall into either shots from the Town End or from the other end of the platform.  Tried to recreate this see if it is creating the feel of an Anglesey Central railway station.
The Gents is something Almwch didn't have and the lamp store is an container that was in the odds and bobs box.
There is still a fair bit to do on the station, lamps, telegraph pole, blend the gravel into the slabs, station name board, flower bed, painting, weathering and the list goes on. 
Activity will slow a bit whilst I finish off an assignment, and start another in the next month.  Thanks for reading this
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Post by: Rowlie on February 27, 2019, 10:35:06 PM
Being a "what if" layout, it allows history to be adjusted to for the benefit of the layout.
The Anglesey Central Railway line to Almwch at Rhosgoch is imagined to split, with the Almwch line bearing in an easterly direction. The branch to Cemaes Bay line heads off in a northerly direction. The branch line keeps to the east of the road and swings around to enter the town from the north, which then matches the layout. In reality where the station has been placed is a new(ish) housing estate (makes a change for housing to be built on former railway land).  On the way into Cemaes Bay station the line passes the edge of the Porth Wen and Llanlleiana works behind the warehouse. I will get around to drawing a route map and post it. 
A little more research indicates that there were three brickworks in the area of Cemaes Bay which were never rail connected and had fallen out of use in the early twentieth century.  Adjusting the timeline sees the three concerns being consolidated on a single site with tramways providing access to the raw materials nearer the historical locations.  Each of the works manufactured different product types, Porth Wen, a yellow silica brick for lining kilns and furnaces, Llanlleiana manufactured porcelain and Cemaes brickworks the classic red brick.  This should provide an interesting variety of outbound traffic requiring open wagons and covered vans and justify a warehouse next to the line.  Inbound traffic would be coal for the kilns and timber for packing cases. At the moment the works has a single siding, perhaps a second is needed.  It is envisaged that shunting would be performed by the engine working the goods train, although a shunter could be sent from Bangor if the demand justified it. When no locomotive is available, shunting of standard gauge wagons would be by a modified tractor.  I remember seeing a picture of a tractor fitted with dumb buffers for this purpose, how successful I am in modifying an Oxford Fordson is still be seen. Rail connection and consolidation allows for the works stagger on to the 1950s/ 1960s.
I did read somewhere that marble was extracted from White Lady Bay (Porth Padrig), maybe additional traffic (and different) for the goods yard, probably need to consider better lifting facilities in that case.
After the Cemaes Bay branch splits from the Almwch line, a small halt and siding is located at Bodewryd.  This halt is to pick up agricultural traffic, however to the east of this station is the 1970s Rhosgoch oil storage facility which is served by a siding off the Almwch line. Although after the intended time, maybe this later facility was developed from an earlier smaller facility built in WWII and was originally served from the Cemaes Bay branch. The redevelopment of the site sees the access changed to the Almwch line and returns us to reality.
On the model, steady progress has been made with the station, I think I have got rid of the horrible gap at the bottom of the station building by using glue and glaze.
Thanks for reading my ramblings.
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Post by: Rowlie on February 28, 2019, 06:50:17 PM
The sketch shows the imagined line running from Rhosgoch to Cemaes Bay, on the map there doesn't seem to be any serious civil engineering work required. Locations of the brickworks are shown, which all depended on getting their products out by sea. The Cemaes brick works had a short narrow gauge line to take product down to Cemaes Bay Harbour. Wylfa is very close by which would of allowed the line to continue to the present.

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Post by: Rowlie on March 10, 2019, 06:12:30 PM
A few progress shots of the station building, firstly from entrance end of the station. Start made on adding details, behind the ticket booth are a couple of dustbins and the motorcycle belongs to one of the station staff. One good thing about taking photos is you see what needs fixing (including a rather wonky chimney pot).




The last two pictures are from the front and platform end.


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Post by: Rowlie on April 21, 2019, 10:24:36 PM
Some progress has been made on Cemaes Bay, the station is at a state to be fitted to the board before the final details are added. The station board came out of hibernation and a trail fitting to see if the layout has the look I am looking for. The station yard has been relaid using air drying clay, the clay appears to be adhering to the board however, the expected shrinking is taking place.
A few shots to give a flavour of what the layout may become.
Cross the field looking at the station.
Station and Goods Shed, a couple of doors need replacing, the positions seem to be ok.
Two wheeled station staff transport,
Similar shot with as the evening train from Bangor arrives
Across the goods yard, the clay is still drying, the goods shed needs finishing, not least the glazing on the skylight.
The train from Bangor, sits in the station, shame about the soldering  :-[
An overall shot of the station board, it seems to have the feel of an end of the line country station, hopefully as more detail is added this won't be lost.
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Post by: Rowlie on April 22, 2019, 08:29:26 PM
The question of the day has been back scenes, a couple were acquired when the NGS shop sold off surplus stock, so whilst the board was out, so a quick test to see which was the most suitable. Both of the back scenes are Gaugemaster, house-backs (GM757) and village (GM754) and 152 mm high.
House backs, my thoughts are is it is too modern for the 50s and 60s, too many garages and I feel the houses wouldn't look as aged as they seem to be a style built in the 50s.
Village, the distance from the station of the village is ok, probably too many trees for Anglesey, but I'm not too happy with the field near the station entrance. I had earlier thought of having the back-scene on the non-station side, it does look alright, but the back of the station needs work to make it presentable.
I guess I'm not entirely happy with either so the search is on for a more suitable back scene.
A few more views of the layout to get an idea for next steps, first couple shot from the platform of the Bangor train arriving and after having run around for the return journey. The station could really do with signage, and canopy lights (I know from normal viewing won't be seen) and the engine and carriage really do need lamps.
The 4F is one on my favourite standard gauge engines and this Farish model is so nice.
A lamp will be a good distraction for the half relief mouldings.
A couple of low shots of the goods yard and the station from the field.
Since this was taken the canopy just came off in my hand  :-[
I'm quite pleased with this view (imaging the ballast shoulder), and I really do need to sort out wires for the telegraph poles
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Post by: port perran on April 22, 2019, 08:39:16 PM
Thanks for those photos.
I really like the final one and I think the backscene works extremely well from that angle. I share your concerns re the field however , as is evident in your third photo. Would a row of bushes or saplings planted immediately in front of the backscene help to take the eye from the field?
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Post by: Rowlie on April 22, 2019, 09:04:20 PM
Hi Port Perran, definitely needs something at the entrance end of the station, to make that more convincing. Trees and various shrubs will work well towards the signal box. I was wondering about some form of decoupage or low relief, I don't have too much space between the station and the back scene. The more drastic approach will be to remodel that end of the station so that the entrance was at an angle going out onto a station car park (which only needs to be small), which would be then fenced and bushed on the backscene side. I just didn't think that part of the layout through when I put the station together.
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Post by: Rowlie on December 29, 2019, 11:17:33 PM
Belated Merry Christmas and an early Happy New Year! It has been eight months since the last post and progress hasn't matched what was hoped last year. The little progress there has been is the goods yard has been ballasted, shed yet to be replanted. The field has been worked on, a few exposed rocks added along with tufts to try and mimic wet land, I will experiment with some varnish for wet areas next. On the subject of back-scenes, I have decided to go with the field one which is near the entrance, this will mean changing the ramp at the building end. The solution is to move the entrance from next to the back-scene through 90 degrees, introduce a wall running parallel with the track with a car park on the other-side of it. Entrance to the station will be via steps, so most of the ramp will disappear. What this will allow is for a fence, bushes etc. alongside the back-scene as suggested by Port Perran, which should make the view more acceptable. When this has been done some pictures will be posted. Learning from last year, I will avoid setting any targets in 2020 😂. Elsewhere at least the diploma has been finished, however a Master's has been started in its place, sorting out the question to research is proving to be one of the most challenging academic/ work related tasks I have ever undertaken. R
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Post by: Innovationgame on December 30, 2019, 06:37:34 AM
Good luck with the academic work - most important!
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Post by: Rowlie on December 30, 2019, 09:30:09 AM
Thank you, Laurence, it was 36 years between getting my degree and the getting the diploma, most of the other students on the  diploma hadn't been born when I read my degree😂. However, I felt resuming academic work did sharpen my mind up and start to blow out the cobwebs that had formed over the years, so I would recommend anyone to continue/ undertake academic work.
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Post by: port perran on December 30, 2019, 03:15:30 PM
Good to see you back on here Rowlie and Happy New Year.
I wish you luck with your Academic pursuits. I hope you come up with a suitable topic for your Masters.
Please keep us posted.


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Post by: Rowlie on January 01, 2020, 02:59:24 PM
Happy New Year,
A couple of images of the current state of Cemaes Bay. Start has been made on the the revised station and its new car park. The platform ramp, railings, gate and ticket cabin have been removed, the level of the car park will almost be at platform height so that there is a gentle slope up to the platform.

Between the railway will be a wall, I obtained some 7ft Victorian brick wall kit from Scale Model Scenery a little while back for the goods yard, It will have to be mounted on a stone foundation which is in theory holding back the car park. Fortunately (rather than good planning) the kit provides 37.5 cm of double sided wall, which just happens to be the length needed for this alteration. The wall kit is nicely thought out, being a series of sub-assemblies it does however, takes time to assemble so it it will be a nice distraction. Not sure if it saves any time over making the walling from embossed plasticard.
At Almwch, it looks like end loading was possible from the platform road, recreating this feature at Cemaes Bay might help tie the alteration into the overall scene. One photo of Almwch also seems to show a cattle dock also loading onto the platform road. Almwch wasn't a well photographed station, so publicly published images of that end of the station are rare.
A month or so back the field was worked on by adding rocks and tufts of vegetation (trying to capture that spiky grass that grows in waterlogged areas). The tufts need a bit of a hair cut to reduce height and uniformity and more vegetation added.

Thanks for reading
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Post by: chrispearce on January 01, 2020, 10:32:39 PM
Those rocks are superb. They, um, rock.  :thumbsup:
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Post by: DarrwestLU6 on January 02, 2020, 07:12:03 PM
And the grass is pretty cool too! Keep the photos coming!
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Post by: Rowlie on January 03, 2020, 10:00:57 PM
I'm glad you like the rocks and grass, hopefully once the station modification is completed, the field will receive some more attention.
Using some balsa that was left over, the car park, end loading and cattle dock were mocked up. It looks a bit like a platform extension at the moment, definite need to break up the uniformity before it is completed. Otherwise it looks promising and in the mythology of this station it now adds other revenue streams.


The balsa wood will probably be used as a basis for the structure, a quick search of heights for cattle docks indicates they are 3'6" (approx. 7 mm in n gauge) from rail height. This equates to a platform height about 10 mm from the base-board, as the gauging picture shows there is a bit of height to be gained. Rather than trim the track back it has been buried under the loading dock.


Thanks for reading R

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Post by: Rowlie on January 05, 2020, 11:06:14 PM
A little more progress on the station alterations, The facings and paving surface for the cattle dock has been applied. The side shot with a warflat and 12T van gives an idea of the height, although it seems right for the warflat it seems slightly too high for the van. I need to seek out a cattle wagon to see if it is really ok.


End loading does need lowering, it seems to be sitting on the rails, I'm probably late to the party but taking photos as go along seems to be helping. (also revealed the warflat isn't sitting properly on its bogies)


Thanks for reading R
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Post by: Rowlie on January 07, 2020, 10:00:56 PM
Basic shape of the Station alterations has been completed, a fair few finishing touches needed such as the wall on the back-scene side. The overall alteration is seen below.


A view to the dock end.


and a shot from the station approach.


I feel that alteration has addressed the back-scene puzzle and the entrance to the station.
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Post by: Train Waiting on January 08, 2020, 09:06:04 AM
That's looking very good indeed.

Best wishes.

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Post by: Rowlie on January 08, 2020, 11:20:57 PM
Thanks John for your encouragement.
Well time to try the back-scene, forgotten that I had found another one from the previous try. This one is two thirds sky, a third terrain. May have set it with too much sky, at the moment I'm liking the back-scene it seems to be adding depth to the layout and the station, that rural spacious feel. A couple of photos with the late afternoon service from Bangor, just arriving.



thanks for looking. R
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Post by: port perran on January 09, 2020, 08:44:19 AM
Looking good Rowlie.
I think Iíd agree with you that just a tad too much sky is showing at the moment.
Can we see another photo with it adjusted a bit?
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on January 09, 2020, 12:44:00 PM
Hi Martin,

Had a play and raised the back-scene up in 7.5 mm steps (pencil widths) and 15 mm looks a lot better. A couple of shots of the station from across the field let others comment.



Placed the signal box on the layout to get an impression if it fits, its backstory will be that it replaces an earlier box (or frame, Almwch only had a frame). The model is being re-purposed, I originally scratch built it for a club layout (based roughly on Colwyn Bay) called Bryn-y-Mor and the model was based on the signal box to the west of Colwyn Bay station. The layout was scrapped a few years back so I reclaimed it. It has a detailed interior and the board does have correct layout for that Colwyn Bay box, not that it will ever be seen. It needs the steps and stove pipe replacing, scale tubular handrails in n gauge tend to be rather delicate.


Thanks for looking, R
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Post by: port perran on January 09, 2020, 12:59:27 PM
Hi Rowlie

That looks better as far as Iím concerned.


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Post by: cornish yorkie on January 09, 2020, 10:24:59 PM
   I'll second that, looking good
       regards Derek.
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Post by: Rowlie on January 12, 2020, 10:40:30 PM
With the station alterations laid out, had to see what the only other major structure on this board, the goods shed will look like.


Onto the detailing....
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Post by: DarrwestLU6 on January 16, 2020, 03:46:18 PM
Looks very good! Looking forward to detailing photos...
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on January 21, 2020, 10:53:29 PM
Slow progress on the detailing, so although photos taken they are not really worth posting. Currently finishing off the goods shed with some internal detail including fitting a crane (really would of been easier before I fixed the roof).
After a while thinking about it I have taken the plunge and bought a static grass applicator (the Peco precision one) so have been experimenting on various parts of the board. So far the results are mixed, definitely a knack to it so more practice required. Thanks for reading R
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Post by: Rowlie on March 08, 2020, 02:00:21 PM
Hi, a few weeks since I last posted anything, as mentioned a bit of experimenting with static grass. Previously I was not entirely convinced with about static grass especially with the lengths available for n gauge. However, having played with it mainly using 1 mm and 2 mm lengths I'm liking it. The station alterations progress separately along with tidying up the good shed and hopefully I can get them refitted soon. The only change to the layout is the addition of fencing opposite the station, I have tried out the scale model scenery fencing, the results can be seen below. It does require a bit of time to assemble (each post consists of three parts) and adapting to get away from the double post effect where each section ends. Finished it is very rigid now that it is position the glue has set. It's not painted yet, vegetation added (mainly brambles) and the post holes back-filled overall I'm happy with the appearance.
A couple of photos of the fence in position.



Thanks for reading R
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Post by: Innovationgame on March 08, 2020, 02:17:32 PM
The gass is looking good!
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: port perran on March 08, 2020, 02:41:52 PM
Excellent work.
Like you, I was a little sceptical regarding static grass a couple of years back. Now I love it, as you say especially the 1 and 2mm varieties.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: crewearpley40 on March 08, 2020, 02:44:49 PM
Is that a backscene ? It adds to the depth and visual effect  that your looking miles into the countryside
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Newportnobby on March 08, 2020, 04:02:10 PM
Looks very good :thumbsup:
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on March 08, 2020, 08:06:04 PM
Many thanks for all the encouraging comments, they are really appreciated.
Yes @crewearpley40 (https://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?action=profile;u=3894) it is a backscene, it is by - id Backscenes "Into the Town" part number P107A. It is N gauge and is 3 m long by 23 cm high and is self adhesive. I tried a couple of Gaugemaster backscenes but I like this one better as it is more subdued, doesn't overpower the layout and as you say gives a great sense of depth. R
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: crewearpley40 on March 08, 2020, 08:15:43 PM
I think Laurence was not thinking of gass but grass. I'm impressed , just the right height
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: dannyboy on March 08, 2020, 08:30:13 PM
That is all looking good Rowlie.  :thumbsup:. I like the Scale Model Scenery stuff, but as you say, some of it can take some time to put together, being 'fiddly' like it is, but it does give a good result.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: crewearpley40 on March 08, 2020, 08:51:10 PM
art-printers.com. if you used them they are pricey but extremely friendly. I did ask at stevenage of their range. Very helpful but out of stock of what I was looking for. Very realistic though
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on March 08, 2020, 09:59:52 PM
Yes, that's the firm, they have really nice back scenes in their range, I picked this one up from Hattons, who seem to stock some of the range.
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Post by: Rowlie on March 29, 2020, 10:58:03 PM
Hi, part of the new approach to the station, I thought it would be nice to have a number of Scots Pine trees on the other side of the fence on the approach road. It was also an excuse to try out building my own trees. Can't claim originality in the methods used, the method has been influenced by a couple of on-line tutorials.


The trunk is made from a balsa dowel, the branches are made from wire secured in place with super glue. This was coated with PVA and then covered by coffee grounds. This was then painted/ dry brushed a variety of colours (browns, reds and grey), the canopy was some poly fibre covered in static grass. The height of the trees are around 35 '- 40'. As a first attempt it seems to be vaguely like a Scots Pine, but it could do with more and darker foliage.
Thanks for reading and stay safe. R

Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Innovationgame on March 30, 2020, 06:37:11 AM
Yes, they look very good but, as you sasy, some darker foliage would improve the overall appearance.
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: port perran on March 30, 2020, 08:14:58 AM
Looking good but I also agree, slightly darker foliage and perhaps just a little bit more dense ?
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Newportnobby on March 30, 2020, 10:04:33 AM
Added bonus of waking up and smelling the coffee :D
Title: Re: Cemaes Bay
Post by: Rowlie on April 13, 2020, 08:55:16 PM
Hi, hope everyone is safe and well during these strange times. The long weekend has allowed me to get back to Cemaes Bay. Yes, I agree with your comments, the trees do need more colour and depth, so I've added so Woodland scenics green course turf and I'm more happier with the appearance.


The trees are meant to line the station approach and provide a visual break to the back-scene. The approach isn't finished as the fencing and smaller brushes need to be added to the back-scene side. At the moment the station approach is a separate item so it has been fitted to assess the look.


Start has been made on the remaining trees, here is how I went about making them.


From left to right, (1) 3 mm dowel cut to length (mine where between 60 - 80 mm), next step (2) was the whittle the dowel to give a more uneven shape, then coat with PVA and sprinkle on the coffee grounds (and get the smell!), the finer the better. After the PVA has dried, (3) paint the surface, I used burnt umber, and once that is dry, (4) dry-brush with a grey colour the lower part of the trunk. For the branches I used some thin florists wire, folded and twisted, (5) these are then super-glued into holes along the trunk as the trees are going along the back-scene, the branches aren't all the way around. The end of the branches are cut to required length and opened up, at this point paint the branches burnt umber. From the pictures I have the branches tend to be in the upper part of the trunk and the lower part has stumps of earlier branches, these can be represented by short lengths of wire. The last step (6) was to added pre-painted poly-fiber using superglue to the branches. After this just add the foliage. As mentioned I am trying to mimic Scots Pine, which haven't be distorted by the wind.

Finally a view across the field


Thanks for reading and stay safe

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Post by: Rowlie on April 14, 2020, 10:06:01 PM
Hi, today I got the HOAs from Revolution and what superb models they are. Anyway as the station board was still out, it was an opportunity to move the clock forward.
Set sometime in the 2020's, construction of the new power station at Wlyfa is underway. The site of the old brickworks has now become a rail head for construction materials for the new build as well as a loading point for materials from the old reactors. With the extra freight traffic and passenger services the line is now busier than at anytime in its history.
Waiting in the late afternoon sunshine, an empty aggregate working waits the right of way.


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