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Started by 1936ace, June 30, 2012, 09:58:08 AM

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Hi all, have been away from the forum, work has blocked it so when I tried to get online at home I had forgotten my password,old timers setting in!
Anyway just took delivery of two parcels from on tracks for deluxe water items and about 16farish buildings and the postage was that cheap I was amazed and their delivery quick for something that was not In stock. Hopefully this week the Pullman coaches will arrive
Glad tod be back on!


Hi Bart,

Glad to see you back on here.  I wonder why your work blocked the site? ???


Quote from: Tank on June 30, 2012, 10:33:12 AM
Hi Bart,

Glad to see you back on here.  I wonder why your work blocked the site? ???

Arriving at Shouts late because he was glued to  :NGaugeForum:  :smiley-laughing: :smiley-laughing:

Welcome back Bart
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We have the same sort of limitations at work.  As long as the site isn't tagged as social networking, religion, politics etc it will escape the ban.  Interesting how some sites get interpreted though.

e.g - Can use RTE (Irish version of BBC), BBC but cant go onto ITV..
cant use the Cobol Programmers Bible site as its interpreted as extreme religion....

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I managed to slip through for quite a while so I should be great full, but now makes for a long nightshirt if no fire calls. To make matters worse I forgot my password soi could not access from home but I'm back so I'm happy, did miss it I must admit seeing what everyone else is up to. I have been very busy trying to get my 5inch gauge uk loco sorted and I have just finished building the vacuum braked riding a wagon and getting a certified to drive unsupervised to take public. The poor n gauge has been left out of late, I must get stuck into it to get it finishe for the young bike, he turns four at the end of July and with the blue Pullman arriving at the end of the year I need to get going.
Thanks all for the welcome back guys!


It's almost become irrelevant anyway when companies do this - the employees just facebook on their own smartphones. In many cases it's also quicker than the corporate networks 8)
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