Ngf links Seems to have diapppeared.

Started by crewearpley40, July 24, 2023, 09:55:24 PM

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Mick Newportnobby wrote a clever article

Which could be found on the old forum at the top under ngf links @Newportnobby

Seems to have diappeared

Along with other links which were useful and micks link was useful to  n gauge beginners


Well, not disappeared but currently not a sticky or pinned thread.  I expect some of those pinned posts will be re-established over time, but it's not really as high a priority as getting the forum to work properly and not grind to a halt or fall over :)
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You say its disappeared, but your own link leads directly to it  ???  :hmmm:


I've already asked the question about the disappearance of the 'NGF Links' and they are some time off, I'm afraid. The guide referred to (and thanks, Chris) can be found in the Knowledge Bank under 'B' in the meantime


Thanks mick

Could not think of a title and mick has answered . Appreciated. What I meant was the disappearance of ngf links.

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