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Started by BROADTRAIN1979, January 03, 2011, 01:35:50 PM

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Hmmm :-\ I might leave nrm forum as any posts i put on never get answered :computerangry:  perhaps i shouldnt have mentioned about the 'n' gauge forum as they can be very clicky and gritty on there anyway  :( even the emu pix i put on never got a mention. One Modeller( groundhog) wished me a merry xmas.  no one else did :( NO, for me its going to be  :NGaugeForum:

Claude Dreyfus


It is a forum I have been a member of for a fairly short time...I have lurked for quite a while. I have to say that I am more a member of RMWeb; or for my Japanese interests JNS forum. What you say does not suprise me I'm afraid...I have seen some of the comments posted on there... :(


i wouldnt worry about it fella....
Ive been a member for a few years now, and add updates on my layout once a month too find im the only person to add replies lol.
It is a bit clicky on the n gauge side but who cares :NGaugeForum: :NGaugersRule:

My Layout build thread.... Milton grove TMD 1988 - 2000 WCML loosly based


Don't take it personally.  I noticed the forum change when a few members joined up, and they tend to forget that that forum is for beginners, not rivet counters.   It's a hobby, not a competition.  A lot of people I remember on there have left, and the number of posts slowed down.  A great shame.


I left some years ago after some discussion over rather ignorant comments which were posted about the guys in our RAF, Navy & Army who look after our freedom and that of others around the world.

TBH it was the icing on the cake for me and was on my way anyway, bunch of clique, egoistic sycophants  ;D

If you want to join another forum that is very friendly and caters for tastes other than N (no accounting for taste I know) then try http://yourmodelrailway.net/  you will have to request to join as it is a closed forum.

Claude Dreyfus

I'm afraid those sorts of attitudes permeate all hobbies and interests. I've had it certainly at exhibitions...perhaps I have been fortunate on forums as I have not been subject to come of the criticism that others have reported. I do recall one exhibition a few years back, when I was working the fiddle yard on our club's 0 gauge layout.

This layout was set on the Didcot - Southampton line, and although some relevant stock was available we still had to make do with various members collections. I was informed by a very keen member of the public that the ex-SECR H15 class with the two Westdale carriages were incorrect for the region, and why were we running them on the ex-GWR line? (as an aside those Westdale three-link couplings are the most fiddly things I have every handled in model railways)

I was polite in my response...but I really wanted to present him with the shopping list for the two GWR 2251s, the City of Truro, the Drummond 700 and the T9 that we needed to run the layout prototypically and ask if he could trot off and get them for us as I happened to be short of the five grand required at the time... Either that or the more direct "of course I know that a b****y H15 probably went no further west than Horsham throughout their entire existence; now buzz off and stop interrupting me with the obvious whilst I am fighting these rotten couplings"...

You will always get those 'know-it-alls' in this hobby. There are those who are extremely knowledgeable, and will happily provide information to all without resorting to be disparaging, disingenuous or patronising. People like that are sadly no use to man nor beast, and tend to reinforce the popular idea that model railway enthusiasts are a bunch of boring old farts or sad-cases with no life...

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