What does she mean by This?

Started by 1936ace, December 22, 2012, 11:50:46 PM

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Hi all,
The wife left this note as she left for work today. not sure if it was meant for me or not. I see the kids have been assigned a job to do but not the little guy or me. Maybe Zac is not to play trains today.
Why she would write a note for jobs she has to do today i dont understand as she is at work all with no chance of doing them, go figure!

Anyway im off to the train room.

Be good


Must be cancelled due to the flooding.
They're there for their tea.


Brings to mind that song from Chess - "I know him so well"  :smiley-laughing:  :smiley-laughing:  :smiley-laughing:  :smiley-laughing:

cheers John.

Pete Mc

Do you know what pal,I stopped understanding women years ago.
I have absolurely no idea what goes through their minds so I won't even bother trying to give an opinion.One question though.
What are rumballs?
Never heard of em and would hope the kids don't either.
I've been out with my mates from work tonight and mine only said "Behave yourself,cos I'll find out if you haven't,"
She doesn't know my workmates and we have only been together for 3 months,but do you know what?
I have done as I've been told.
She is the best woman I have been with,is completely supportive of my hobby,even when I buy a sound decoder for what equates to a pair of shoes and a handbag and makes me completely happy.
My only interpretation must be that it only applies to the other young slaves in the house,so carry on playing trains Bart,at least she knows where you are.

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Its my train set and I'll run worra want!

Pete sadly passed away on the 27th November 2013 - http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?topic=17988.msg179976#msg179976


Sounds like a Warning to me so I would obey SWMBO.
Keep on Smiling


Over the years I have developed a theory on women...it goes as follows...

A third of a conversation you have with a woman is not actually spoken.  It takes placed in their head.  Your challenge as a man is to figure out which third of the conversation you have not heard and importantly work out the content of this unspoken exchange.  If you are successful in this then you are a better man than 99% of the male population!

However when two women are speaking together this third of the conversation is still unspoken but both women know this instinctively and actually know what has been unsaid.

The note that was left for you is a good example of this...!

I have actually given up on trying to figure out what isn't said and always ask my wife exactly what she is saying and request that instructions are made crystal clear so I don't land myself in trouble!

A small example of this yesterday when discussing what we should have for tea...we agreed on baked potatoes, tuna and cheese!  Yum...however when we sat down my wife looked a little puzzled and asked where the salad was?  I replied that you didn't ask for salad,  The response was "we always have salad with baked potatoes"....I missed the unspoken third there you see!

Richard - Stop before the buffers!


 :laughabovepost: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Lionwing I don't think its a theory, there are too many of us blokes who can totally agree with you.! And they, our women folk, wonder why we men give up and go to the Train Room.

I wonder if someone like whiteswan or silly moo can give us men some help in understanding the unsaid third?  ;D
Today's Experts were yesterday's Beginners :)


I reckon it's easy to work out the wiring on my layout than it is trying to understand the Missus !  :confused1:


Fab Note, just as well it wasn't mine!

Isn't it meant to be Winter over the other side of the world? Therefore, why would anyone have salad at this time of year with Baked Potatoes - Most Salads are out of season!
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Quote from: kaiwhara on December 23, 2012, 08:01:55 AM
Fab Note, just as well it wasn't mine!

Isn't it meant to be Winter over the other side of the world? Therefore, why would anyone have salad at this time of year with Baked Potatoes - Most Salads are out of season!

With supermarkets everything is in season all year round!

Before the festive season truly begins you gotta keep an eye on the calories -  :angel:
Richard - Stop before the buffers!



Unless you have a kid called pool/spa, I reckon you were supposed to do the first three things and the kids the rest.

Maybe my feminine side speaking???

Have you got a pool and spa? If so clean it, if not build one maybe  :).

Googled rum balls and they are chocolate truffles laced with rum about the size of a golf ball. Sound great!

If not a lot got done ie. trains were running, surely the rum balls would have hit the fan by now and we never hear from the poor guy again. Our thoughts are with you at this festive time of general rowing.

Good luck Weave

Claude Dreyfus

My Mum makes rum truffles...very nice and probably the same a rum balls.

Not sure about the pool/spa, but everything else looks similar to what I have been doing over the last couple of months of being between jobs (although prefix pigs with guinea in my case!). Trust me, house work taking ages is one of the great myths of our time. Vacuuming, dusting, cleaning and ironing can be done easily within an afternoon (that's in a 4 bedroom house).

Plenty of time to get that lot knocked on the head within a couple if hours and still get to play trains!  :thumbsup:


 :smiley-laughing:  She's obviously woken up in a bad mood!  Good luck for when she gets home as whatever you've done won't be good enough!!!   :telloff:       ;D


Hi guys,

Yes the daughter has guinea pigs we just call them pigs for short, they sure can turn an acre of nice thick lawn into dirt pretty quick.

I thought rum balls were eaten everywhere.

Nicole usually does all this stuff but as I'm on leave this week and she is working everyday until Xmas so I was given the tasks of making the rum balls and mini puddings. I was abit bit nervous as she makes the best stuff but after having friends over for dinner the Xmas treats we're a hit. Just goes to show we can follow instructions.
Anyway took a punt and worked through the list just in case it was really meant for me.  Had plenty of time left overto visit masters( not sure google mastershomeimprovements.com.au) picked up a new stainless BBQ kitchen for the wife of course and something or two for me,  petrol powered pole hedger,chainsaw,brush cutter and a Xmas tree storage box.

Will post receive for the rum balls.


Going to play trains now


whatever you do wil be wrong, so grab a couple of cold ones and run the trains.

then when she's giving you hell, at least you'll have had the fun of running the trains as opposed to having spent alll day trying to obey the cryptic message, and still being in the wrong. :bounce:

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