what are people doing on their layout right now

Started by B1 61126, August 16, 2011, 07:59:35 PM

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Thanks again

Very helpful, great tip and inspirational.


I'm currently part way through installing a scissor crossing - having soldered a multitude of droppers to is, as I don't want to rely on blade contact.


Refurbishing buildings from previous layouts that have been chucked"stored" in boxes, replacing chimneys, and general touching up scratches etc.
Cheers MIKE
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Finally getting somewhere with the third rail on Brickmakers Lane. The first 4 500mm lengths are now in, using the wonderful, if bloody small (but perfectly formed), chairs from @RBTKraisee, installed in holes drilled via a (superb) jig by @Mr Sprue, and using 30 odd year old 2mm Association code 40 flatbottom rail, whose moment in the sun has finally come. Only 76 more pieces to go, at least I'm 5% of the way there....


Builder of "Brickmakers Lane" and member of "James Street" operating team.


Really happy to see those going in so nicely Dave!

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Well WL55 is finally working... I managed to destroy the yellow aspect somehow, so after lunch today I replaced it (just the yellow) aspect! But it looks the part with a ladder. Image above was using a tablet (not bad?).

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