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Started by Tank, July 19, 2023, 05:16:45 PM

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Hello all,

Welcome back!  We've had lots of issues, with the main delay being by the company that we have our domain on.  They massively delayed the domain name forwarding to our new server.

Since then, we've had an issue where the old forum (this one!) hasn't been compatible with the new server.  NGF Tech is doing an amazing job in getting this to work, but certain parts of the forum don't funtion properly.  For those who understand, it is a PHP problem.

For the moment, the forum is up, but I think we might as well just push forward with the upgrade, to get rid of any PHP problems.  Then, as I've said for months, we can add on the modifications again as time allows.  Photo gallery, bookmarks, advertisements etc.

Thank you all for your patience and support.  I've already blown all of the funds on our new server and things, so I may have to ask for support with this as well.  And, for those who haven't realised, I have been putting updates on the N Gauge Forum Facebook Group.

Hopefully we're through the worst part of this!!!!!

port perran

Thanks for all your hard work @Tank.
Let?s hope the rest of the upgrade goes to plan.
I am about to make a donation to forum funds to help with the expenses.
I'm sure I'll get used to cream first soon.


Thank you very much @port perran

Folks, please hold off on posts and images etc. if you don't want them to be lost. We're about to put the forum back into Maintenance Mode (soooorry!), and go straight into upgrading.


I don't mind if this message gets lost in the process, but I definitely want to say a massive thank you for all the hard work you and "Tech Guy" have put into this so far, and for what you're continuing to do for us all!

The effort will be worth it in the end and we all greatly appreciate it!

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I'm not posting anything either  :hmmm:

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Thanks for your patience. This process has been going on almost two weeks now and we still aren't done. Part of the keep back was a bad registrar and many lingering outdated software / codes that need to be updated.

In fact, I only recently had to still get rid of old stuff even with the new installed. The work is STILL in process but you should have use of the main site now.

This new default theme will allow you to see the site on your mobile or desktop in a responsive way without worrying about switching.

If you see any thing major such as errors in doing basic things please let me know here so i can jump on it.


Thank you Tank and NGFtech for all your doing.


Thanks for all the work that has gone into this, and I am happy with how it looks and works on a mini IPad.

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port perran

Looking ok on my ipad at the mo.
I'm sure I'll get used to cream first soon.


Looks fine on my computer! It's like welcoming an old friend back to the (ladies chest) of the family.  :thumbsup:  Many thanks for all the hard work put in by those that have put the hard work in.
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Well done all involved :)

I like the clean look.  I noticed a "drag and drop images" option on the full reply page but it's not on Quick Reply (yet) so I used the gallery.

Seeing occasional "database error" messages, including one when I first tried to add a reply with gallery image BB code using Quick Reply, having previewed first to check the image was picked up.   I went backward in the browser and tried again it it worked second time.

[edit] Same problem trying to add this post :)
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Nick agree with you. Used to be options we could click on up top eg search, pm members anybody else not seeing this? @tank


Sorry for the sudden lights out. Some of the additional add-ons aren't agreeing with the standard forum so we need to thread carefully. Thanks for reporting.




Chris and NGFTech, thanks for all this. I'm quite sure it'll all be worth the agro.

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I don't like the colour. Is this something I can change here?

To follow the construction of my layout "Longcroft" from day 1, you'll have to catch the fish below first by clicking on it which isn't difficult right now as it's frozen!


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