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Started by lil chris, June 01, 2024, 08:13:29 PM

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lil chris

I had a major problem last Sunday a new graphics card installed in my main computer rig(card was two weeks old), which I also use for gaming packed in, it started smoking. It was not hot and the game I was playing for about 5 mins, I had played for 45mins a few days earlier. I installed a old card I had to test my machine and it worked has normal, what a relief that was I can tell you. The shop I bought it from said bring it in for testing and it smoked on there rig too so they gave me a replacement card.
 I had bought the new card because my Asus Gaming monitor( 9years old) had packed in with the white screen of death a few weeks ago so a new monitor had been aquired with 4k resolution so new graphics card to match. This pc has my old card installed now, I managed to sell one of my older cards to a guy in my Modelshop, so I got some money back from that.
Chris H.
Lil Chris
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