Welding job

Started by MistyEyedWanderer, July 06, 2024, 12:58:28 AM

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Completely unrelated to choo choo's. Well, mostly.

I would like to make a custom door for my highly unusual RV project.  I thought of keeping a layout in it, it's big enough to get a lot in for shows. 
Even run a layout through it when camping, out the doors and round the site, put the staging above the bed  :D

Old power doors off, new manual doors on.

If one of you happens to be a welder/fabricator, I might persuade you to cobble something together for me...

and bribe you with motorcycle projects.



My welding standards are...
...a little on the 'agricultural' standard side & I only do 'stick' welding (MMA).

So I reckon I'm out on that one.

It may help your cause a little to tell people whereabouts in the country you are.

Look forward to updates on this interesting project!
Brookline build thread:


Sometimes you bite the dog...

...sometimes the dog bites you!


I can explain it to you...

...but I can't understand it for you.


If anyone is following, it's the east of England (there are only two parts to get lost in), the north part. 

I actually have a good mig welder and gear, it's my physical ability and poor outdoors workspace that are the problem, and lacking gobs of money, which is why I am open to trade.

Jawa is an appreciating commodity...

This a serious opportunity for someone to make some pocket money. 

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