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Members may report N Gauge forum posts to the Moderation team if they believe that the post is in breach of the NGF Code of Conduct. The Moderation Team will investigate the issue and take appropriate action. Please be assured that all reported posts are investigated fairly and impartially regardless of whether the post was made by a member of the Moderation team, a fully fledged member of the forum or a new member. If you still have concerns about reporting posts, then please send Tank a Personal Message

Please do not be concerned about reporting posts, it is far better to report a post early to prevent it getting out of control or becoming the focus of a slanging match

How to Report a Post

  • The link to 'Report to a Moderator' can be found at the bottom right of a post. Click on the link.

Report to Moderator button.png

  • The Report to moderator form will appear.

Report to Moderator form.png

  • Complete the comment box giving as much information as possible as to why your think the post has breached the NGF Code of Conduct

  • Press submit