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This page describes the functions available to Moderators to moderate individual posts. This section should be read in conjunction with the Moderating topics page.

Note that individual posts can only be moved to another topic if they are split from the topic first.




Clicking on this button will unapprove but not delete a post. The unapproved post will only be visible to moderators and moderators will receive a list of unapproved posts by email. Unapprove is generally used as a 'holding' measure whilst a decision is taken on whether the post should be kept or deleted.


Moderators may modify posts to, for example,

  • correct typos
  • tone down expletives or inflammatory language
  • remove any comment that breaches NGF rules
  • correct links that are not working
  • remove unapproved advertising
  • add comments.

It is good practice to record the reason for the modification in the box and, on some occasions, to contact the member concerned to explain why the post has been modified.


Clicking on remove will place the post concerned in the Deleted posts area (where it can be retrieved if required).

Posts can be removed because, for example, they are

  • spam
  • unapproved advertising
  • disrespectful to other members or Moderators
  • breaking forum rules etc.

Example screenshot

The moderation functions associated with posts are shown on the right of the topic title in the post

Moderator functions 1