Andover to Southampton (inc branch line to Longparish),

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Andover to Southampton (inc branch line to Longparish)


Vic Mitchell and Keith Smith


Middleton Press


0 906520 82 7


As part of the Country Railway Routes series, the 'Sprat and Winkle' line follows peaceful valleys of the Anton and the Test and it once formed part of a line between the Midlands and the South Coast.

Vic Mitchell's books have a common format starting with the geographical setting, historical background and a description of the train services before discussing each line and the stations on it (with many early pictures and maps). There are plenty of timetables, maps, images of tickets, railway company notices etc. The books are reliant on old photographs being available and when a station appears in more than one book, the authors endeavour to put different pictures.

Starting at Andover Junction station, the book covers Andover Town, Upper Clatford Sidings, Clatford, Fullerton, a South of Fullerton Section, Stockbridge, Horsebridge, Mottisfont, Kimbridge Junction, Romsey, Nursling, a North of Redbridge section, followed by Redbridge, Millbrook and Southampton.

The Longparish section, proposed as a means of joining Southampton with Whitchurch features Wherwell and Longparish.

The trains are mostly steam, including an illustration of Atalanta, a Beatties patent steam locomotive used on the line, with some DEMUs, diesels and a demolition train.

Whilst Southampton is covered, there are other books in the series that have additional photographs.

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