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The NGF runs an annual poll to determine the locomotives that its members would most like to see produced. The results of the poll are sent to locomotive manufacturers.


2013 Poll

Poll format

Each member of the NGF could vote for up to three locos. Unlike the 2012 poll, members could vote for a loco from anywhere in the world. The poll was run by Ollie3440.

Poll results

1= Class 92 Retooled Class 40
3= Retooled Peak Class 17 GWR City Class
6= Class 390 Pendolino LMS 10000/10001 GWR 43XX/53XX/73XX/93XX
9= Class 105 Class 165 Class 85 Class 41 (D600) LNER K1

2012 Poll

Poll format

Each member of the NGF could vote for up to six "locos" across five category areas as long as there were no more than three votes in each category. The categories were A) steamers, B) diesel locos and C) electric locos, D) DMUs and E) EMUs. The poll was restricted to UK outline and the poll was run by Newportnobby.

Poll results

Position EMUs DMUs Electric locos Diesel locos Steamers
1 Pendolino Class 105 Cravens Class 85 Class 33 Retooled SR Schools
1= Class 25 Retooled
2 Brighton Belle 5-BEL Class 117 Class 92 GWR Castle
3 Class 415 4 EPB Derby Lightweight Class 76 Class 50 retooled Unrebuilt Patriot
3= Class 22
3= Class 31 retooled
4 Class 395 Javelin Class 124 Trans Pennine Class 81 GWR City Truro
4= Class 465 Networker Class 120 Class 90
4= Class 180 Adelante Class 71
5 King Arthur
5= GWR King