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This article refers to giving feedback as a buyer/seller via the NGF Classifieds.

An important part of the buying and selling process is giving feedback on the buyer/seller. This gives others an indication as to their reliability/trustworthiness of the buyer/seller.


Leaving Feedback

If you are the Buyer

  1. Go to Classifieds Section and select 'My bids'. A list of all of your bids, successful and unsuccessful, will appear.
  2. Select the item you wish to give feedback on.
  3. A screen entitled 'SMF Trader System - Submit Feedback - xxxx', where xxxx is the name of the Member, will appear.
  4. Complete the sections and press 'Submit Feedback'. Note - it is not necessary to enter anything in the 'Topic: URL box'.

If you are the Seller

  1. Go to Classifieds and select 'My listings'. A list of all of your listings, successful and unsuccessful, will appear.
  2. Repeat steps 2 - 4 of the process above.

Viewing Feedback

Feedback is recorded in an Member's profile by means of a + or - against 'Trader Count'. A Trader Count of (+2) indicates that two positive feedbacks have been given for the Member concerned. Similarly a Trader Count of (-5) indicated that five negative feedbacks have been given.

Clicking on the 'Trader Count' will bring up a page with more details of the feedback given.

Leaving Negative Feedback

Where possible, try and resolve any issues you may have with the buyer/seller before leaving feedback. It may be that there is a reasonable explanation for, e.g. goods not arriving on time etc. If you do experience poor quality service that has not been possible to resolve, then leaving negative feedback is appropriate and it will seek to warn others before buying/selling from them in the future.