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Author Topic: Revinyling a Farish TPE CL350  (Read 288 times)

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Offline jpendle

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Revinyling a Farish TPE CL350
« on: July 02, 2019, 02:24:46 AM »

A few years ago I purchased a CL350 in the unbranded livery and applied TPE livery vinyls from Captain Electra.

I recently got these out of storage and all was not well.

As can be seen the vinyls had started to peel off the bodies especially around the vehicle ends and also it can be seen that some of the vinyls were a little too short.

So I decided to make a virtue of necessity and ordered some more vinyls, but this time in the latest TPE livery.

Its been a while but it seems to me that the new vinyls are 'stickier', and as it explains in the instructions they are deliberately over long and need to be trimmed to size.

Now proper side on views of these units are hard to come by so I started on a driving car and made my first mistake.

I thought that all the yellow end should be obscured by the vinyl overlay but ended up misaligned on the drivers window.

The vinyl was removed and reattached so that it lined up over the drivers window which left a small yellow line at the front of the unit but referring to the web this seems to be correct.

I then paid attention to the other end of the car.

Here the extended length of the vinyl side is very evident so it needs to be trimmed down using a sharp scalpel.

The problem now is that part of the black 5 digit (coach?) number will be lost, but, again, looking on the web I can't see any evidence of these coach numbers on the real thing, so I may just use some vinyl offcuts to obscure the number completely

Once the first driving car was done I carried on with the center cars and the other driving car.

New front doors were supplied as were new coach ends, I used a couple of coach ends but its hard to see the difference when the unit is moving.

Here are some shots of the finished item.

Close up of the ends showing the trimmed vinyls and truncated number.

And the whole thing which I think looks pretty good.

Oh, BTW, if anyone has a full side on picture of the coach ends showing the coach number, or absence of one I'd love to see it.

Or just, "I was at Euxton (or your station of choice), and can confirm the numbers are present/missing".


John P
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Online crewearpley40

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Re: Revinyling a Farish TPE CL350
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2019, 03:05:25 AM »

im sure here are  / these are the tpe formations

DMSO  TCO   PTSO   DMSO                                           

350401          60691 60901 60941  60671           

350402          60692 60902 60942  60672

350403          60693 60903 60943  60673

350404          60694 60904 60944  60674

350405          60695 60905 60945  60675

350406          60696 60906 60946  60676

350407          60697 60907 60947  60677

350408          60698 60908 60948  60678 

350409          60699 60909 60949  60679

350410          60700 60910 60950  60680

Offline njee20

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Re: Revinyling a Farish TPE CL350
« Reply #2 on: July 02, 2019, 07:33:13 AM »
They are there, but very low down on the tumble home, which means they’re not that obvious.

I’ve done loads of 350s now, lining up with the drivers window first is the best IMO, avoids the problem you found initially.

The other thing with the TPE ones is that you need to remove the unit numbers from above the windscreens, as they’re on the unit ends instead.


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