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Author Topic: SHAPEWAYS PRICE HIKE ON THE 30TH  (Read 6447 times)

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Online thebrighton

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« Reply #135 on: June 29, 2020, 02:55:16 PM »
Yes but home printers giving this type of output are almost always UV resin types (like the one I have) and the support structure needs to be removed and the damaged face where it was attached fixed.

From this point of view it is alternative technology not better.

However there are better technologies and if you pay 50 times more you can already get prints that take 50 times longer to print have 50 times the number of layers and are as smooth as a babies b**m.  They metal sinter gas turbine blades this way.  Its all to do with you get what you pay for.

Also if you have an employee of Shapeways manage your print you have to pay for it, a cost which a print from another modeller does not include, nor an amortising of the cost of their machine.

i.e. my machine cost me £1400, I have run about 250 print runs so far so every print I have done has cost me £5.60 before I count the cost of the resin and electricity, and I have certainly not factored in my time.

You are still missing my point. Yep you have to remove the supports from UV resin types but I've no issues doing that and the damaged face where they are fixed are underneath if so designed, not on the outside of the model where Shapeways have layering. It is alternative technology but from my point of view is better as the viewable part of the model doesn't need priming, sanding, priming, sanding etc.
Yep, a Shapeways employee has to clean things up (although not always that well), so what? Dunk it in an ultrasonic cleaner. With a couple of resin locos I've bought the supplier has offered to snip all the supports off for a couple of quid.
Obviously your opinion is different to mine but to me the quality of a UV resin print is far superior for less cost than Shapeways smoothest fine detail plastic. Snipping off supports and a bit of sanding of hidden areas is far easier than trying to get rid of layering which is the only option from Shapeways.
Cost of the designers time is factored in whether a home print or Shapeways.

Online njee20

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« Reply #136 on: June 29, 2020, 09:23:44 PM »
Iíve often looked at putting my designs on Shapeways, but itís just too expensive IMO. Iím happy printing them myself, ok it may mean people wait a bit, and perhaps thatíll cost me sales, but I do it for a bit of fun and to make models I want, offsetting the cost of the equipment (no reason to spend £1400 on a printer after all; the <£250 Mars and Photon have a finer resolution, although I realise the Shuffle XL has other benefits) and supplies. 

I-Materialise are cheaper than Shapeways, they donít like spruing of models, But for one off models it appears viable.


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