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Author Topic: GNR N2. Via crowdfunding  (Read 7348 times)

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Re: GNR N2. Via crowdfunding
« Reply #45 on: July 12, 2018, 12:59:00 PM »
My 0.02...

1) GPB/USD exchange rate on 13/12/16 when this was announced: 1.26589
GPB/USD exchange rate today: 1.32068

GPB/CNY exchange rate on 13/12/16 8.65999
GPB/CNY exchange rate today: 8.82440

I get that exchange rates have fallen in the past few years, but how long will this be an excuse!?

2) fair enough

3) there's been a lot of opacity on this which is weird, lots of "there are people doing things" which folk don't like. Who? Why not be upfront? Hardly likely that someone's going to jump in and try and undercut you

4) a bit pessimistic, one or two have failed to reach required thresholds, and DJM had to refund a load of people on one, but there are a few real successes at various stages of gestation

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Re: GNR N2. Via crowdfunding
« Reply #46 on: July 12, 2018, 02:47:13 PM »
This thread had passed me by, for whatever reason, but I could be tempted by a N2 in much the same way as I am tempted by a J94.

I agree with a previous post though. If you want support for a crowdfunding project then supporters want clarity. They want to know what stage progress is at and how long, in reality, things are going to take. Revolution have mastered the information aspect perfectly as have the NGS with the Hunslet project. These projects haven't been any quicker than other projects, but they've had very little in the way of flak as theyve kept customers informed. Other attempts by other people have attracted huge amounts of flak because people have had no idea of where projects are at or even if the project is still alive.

Hears hoping it can progress.

Brookline build thread:


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Re: GNR N2. Via crowdfunding
« Reply #47 on: July 13, 2018, 04:51:27 PM »
Hey guys thanks for posting

I do apologise for my recent lack of well, anything. I did change job, and my Daughter signed for Liverpool FC, and time is at a real premium. When it settles down I fully intend to return to this.

In relation to some of the comments, and I apologise if i miss some

1) Exchange rates. so... these have been up and down a lot, at some stages this has made the project nonviable, and at others it's "ok" again. It's not just the actual exchange rate, it's those chaps in China putting costs up as they realise they can make more money, pay people more, improve living standards and whatnot. This is a common theme across this hobby as we see annual rises from the big boys, some of which can be quite eye watering. This was never really an "excuse" just a statement of fact at that moment in time.

2) I have not said whom I would be working with, as while everything was discussed, pricing set etc, no formal agreement was signed, and as that manufacturer has been cancelling or delaying models, to announce they are involved in this could have caused them some trouble, especially with nothing signed between us. For information, there is a backup option, though said company does not produce N gauge in the UK at this time... they do make some rather nice models however for other markets.

3) People undercutting . . I am aware that at least one, possibly two manufacturers have had the N2 on the discussion lists in house. Neither of those companies was actually willing to quote a commission at the time I asked, although I think one of them at least would probably be more willing too if the process started again. This was always at the back of my mind however. If we started this, started bringing money in, and then it was announced it would have been a bit awkward. Look what happened when both Revolution and DJM announced an N gauge 92.... (I ordered one off each btw)

I will be the first to hold my hands up and say the whole thing can be quite daunting, as mentioned Revolution have done a fab job to date and I would love to see more companies come along and have a go. Ben and Mike seem to have a great relationship with Rapido, and I certainly envied that as I tried to get going.

There is some interest in an N2, of that there is no doubt Is there enough for a minimum manufacturers run? That is of course the big question.

Guys, I am happy to talk, happy for you to message me and I promise I will get back on the case and will let you know all the details before I even think of asking for money!



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