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Author Topic: Edinburgh St. Marys - The dream lives on  (Read 97 times)

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Edinburgh St. Marys - The dream lives on
« on: November 19, 2018, 06:09:00 PM »
A few years ago I wrote a back story for an imagined urban terminus based in south Edinburgh named Edinburgh St. Marys. Whilst entirely fictitious I imagined that the Waverley Route hadn't been closed in 1969 as passenger traffic had grown rather than shrank as more of the Borders folk were able to find work and commute into Edinburgh.

Time moves on and I'decided to build a 'roundyroundy' rather than a terminus to fiddle yard layout in order to watch long freight trains pass by, but I carried on refining the urban terminal plan as I rather liked the operating potential of it.

Here are some pictures exported from AnyRail to show where I've got to.

First the basic station track plan, showing four platforms in a Minories-esq layout, four carriage sidings and a small engine shed. Since I envisaged this as a green/blue era diesel layout there's no turntable, I imaged there might be a sole steamer, a Standard 4MT tank acting as station pilot, shifting empty coaching stock between the platforms and the coach sidings.

Beneath the scenic section lies the fiddle yard, with a reversing loop. Using a variety of trains, from two car DMUs to seven coach locomotive hauled regional services the fiddle yard can hold 24 trains off stage.

The fiddle yard is hidden by a back scene and the fact that the station area is built on a top deck. Adding buildings gives a better idea of scale, the top two platforms can hold a seven coach train with enough room for a type 4 locomotive to detach on arrival and run around its train. The bottom two platforms can easily accommodate a five coach train plus type 2 loco or a couple of three car DMUs.

To show that an intensive service can be run without the scenic area looking cramped here's the scenic area with a few trains in place. Between them the fiddle yard and scenic section can accommodate 30 trains comfortably.

There are two problems with the layout as drawn.

Firstly it's just over 350mm too long to fit in my railway room, and secondly there's currently only 50mm between the top deck and the fiddle yard, far too little space to rescue derailments from the fiddle yard, even though it's just the reversing loop that s beneath the top deck.

The second problem can be fixed by raising the top deck (not lowering the lower deck, I've imagined the whole thing built on top of kitchen cabinets to provide lots of storage, including two quarter round cabinets at teach end! This would require the construction of a helix at the right hand end, the challenge is to retain the 1.5% slope while having a gap of ~200mm between levels.

The first problem is a challenge. There's no room in my man cave as Alandale is filling that nicely. I tried making the whole thing 400mm shorter, and while it works the whole thing looks much less attractive without the open feel given by the additional 400mm.

So I got to thinking about this as a club layout... Anyone in the North Hampshire, West Surrey,  East Berkshire area interested?



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