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Author Topic: TEE trains and their reproduction in N scale  (Read 16311 times)

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Re: TEE trains and their reproduction in N scale
« Reply #105 on: November 24, 2019, 09:41:13 PM »
I recently got the SBB TEE dining car from Kato and thought that I would add a chapter about the TEE Bavaria, another table-top-sized train with (usually) just three coaches.

The Bavaria was a TEE between Munich and Zürich and started in summer 1969 after the TEE Arbalète was changed to a loco-hauled train and a new use for the five NS/SBB diesel trainsets DE 4/RAm TEE I had to be found. The diesel trainsets were ideally suited for this route as the Allgäubahn between Munich and Lindau was not electrified (fifty years later it still isn’t although they are finally working on it and it will be completed in the next year or two). :sleep:

In February 1971 the TEE Bavaria was involved in a horrible accident in Germany. The leading driving trailer of the Munich-bound SBB RAm 501 derailed in a curve it had entered at too high speed (it was never determined whether the reason was driver error or a brake failure), and in addition a railbus then crashed into the wrecked RAm. 28 people were killed.

The Germans withdrew the type approval for the remaining DE 4/RAm trainsets which were later sold to the Ontario Northland Railway in Canada, and the TEE Bavaria was changed to a loco-hauled train, consisting of one DB compartment first and one open first, and a red SBB RIC-type dining car. The SBB had ten of this type, and one of those was repainted in TEE red/cream and the interior upgraded during 1972. (This was the only SBB coach in TEE livery – the SBB only had the RAm and RAe trainsets and some Re 4/4 I and II locomotives in red/cream, and some stainless steel Mistral 69 TEE coaches.) This was available from Kato as no. K23302.

The Bavaria was a TEE only until 1977 when it was changed to a two-class train and later to a EuroCity. The Bavaria name was dropped in 2002. The SBB dining car kept its TEE colours for years but the TEE logo was removed and the then-current SBB logo added. In this version it was part of Kato’s K23305 Bavaria set with three orange SBB RIC coaches.

The DB cars are from Minitrix, some add-on cars I got loose which belong to a Rheingold or Rheinpfeil set. Also suitable would be similar coaches from Fleischmann (which ride very high though) or Rheingold cars from Arnold.

The SBB dining car usually was the middle coach, with the pantograph side coupled to the open first (the DB open firsts have narrower windows because they have aircraft-style seating, and the window width matches the spacing of the seat rows).

In Germany, between Munich and Lindau, the TEE Bavaria was the star train for the class 210. This was a BR 218 diesel with an additional turbine as used in the Bell Huey helicopter, for the steep grades of the Allgäubahn and a higher top speed of 160 km/h. Eight were built in 1970–71 but the turbines were not suitable for railway application with the constant changes between full-throttle and idling, and after several failures in 1978 the turbines were removed and the BR 210 renumbered into class 218.

The Fleischmann model was produced from 1972–82. After more than 35 years without one, now both Fleischmann and Minitrix have announced the BR 210 as new constructions.
Both will feature the distinctive rectangular exhaust which the old Fleischmann model is missing. Although this was not yet present when new but added soon later, around 1972, so the Fleischmann 7232 is not wrong for an as-built engine.

In Lindau, a terminus station, a loco change was necessary. On the electrified track between Zürich and Lindau the Bavaria was hauled by one of the Swiss locomotives with a narrow pantograph for Switzerland and a wide pantograph for the ÖBB (the Bavaria went through Austria for about fifteen minutes) and DB. Especially for the Bavaria, in 1972 two Re 4/4 I’s – nos. 10033 and 10034 – were outfitted with a DB/ÖBB panto (which also involved a chain drive to pull the panto closer to the roof for the Swiss loading gauge) and painted in TEE red/cream, as were two other Re 4/4 I’s for the Rheingold – nos. 10046 and 10050 which were not modified for the DB/ÖBB catenary. Since it had been extended to Geneve in 1965 until 1972, the Rheingold had to make do with green SBB locomotives, even after some Re 4/4 II’s were red/cream since 1969.

Hobbytrain/Kato made two TEE versions of the Re 4/4 I, items 11018 (no. 10046) and 11022 (no. 10050). Both are Rheingold numbers; the 10046 with a Swiss cross on the fronts (which is incorrect for the loco number – 10050 was the only Re 4/4 I with a Swiss cross like the Re 4/4 II, in 1972–73), and 10050 with the new SBB double-arrow cross logo that was added to all four TEE Re 4/4 I’s during 1973. The Hobbytrain parts leaflet lists a narrow pantograph for the Re 4/4 I under part no. 11010/40 but I have never seen one for sale or a model outfitted with one, so I am not sure if this was ever released. Would be nice to have a Bavaria loco with the different pantographs. The wider pantograph edges were painted red on the real engines.

Apparently, in pre-ebay times the Hobbytrain TEE locos were so scarce in Switzerland that Swiss dealer AKU-Modellbahnen offered repaints in TEE livery with all four numbers. The finish of these is almost exactly like the Hobbytrain factory finish, so any Hobbytrain locos found with the numbers 10033 or 10034 are custom-painted and tampo-printed by AKU. (10033 was also made by Lemaco but I guess that won’t be confused with a Hobbytrain model.) One of the AKU 10033 repaints is currently available on ebay Germany.

Recently, Kato re-released the Re 4/4 I and chose 10034 for the TEE version K11605 because this locomotive is still active as a museum loco in TEE colours. The printing of the Kato version is much finer, and also the colours differ from the Hobbytrain versions.


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