Modular Meeting with americaN and German modules (picture heavy)

Started by MacRat, November 01, 2015, 09:38:56 PM

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This is how I was greated by the village of Mammendorf near Munich/Germany.  ;)

4 days of FREMO meeting are hosted in two gyms. The larger gym is reserved for a large HO layout and the smaller one is for the amaricaN and German N-modules.
Right handside is the amaricaN and left hand side the german layout.
Light wasn't good, so please bear with me. I just want to give some impressions.

The focus of the meeting is operation. The German layout is operated with timetable, fast clock, car cards and load bills. The amaricaN layout runs without a timetable and fast clock but uses a sequencing system and track warrants and also car cards and waybills.

First some impressions of the americaN layout

The German layout was in the dark side of the gym. Only a small number of photos I've made is presentable.

It were two fun days with a lot of train driving, talking and one or two beers. The meeting continues for two more days. Unfortunately I couldn't take days off.

Leaving the venue.


Wow! :goggleeyes:
Some stunning modelling there. Thanks for posting the pics.


Some terrific stuff there. I for one wouldn't mind seeing some more photos of the German layout, even if they're slightly less superb than the photos you've already posted, please...
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Amazing!  That's quite a set up.  :)  Very clever to have all that working at once and to keep timetables etc. :thumbsup:

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