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Title: Shawford Junction/Shawford, Hampshire
Post by: LASteve on April 15, 2019, 07:09:58 PM
Hi folks

I'm starting to think about a new layout, and I'm zooming in on Shawford, south of Winchester, in Hampshire as a basis for the plan. There's a lot of photographs, a signal box diagram for Shawford Junction and my own hazy memories, so I think I've got most of the basic information that I need.

One thing though - when the branch line to Newbury was still operational, a down relief line was laid to take pressure off the main Waterloo - Southampton down line. This relief line passed behind the platform (2?) and trains didn't stop there, and there was a wall build along the platform to deter any thoughts of anyone jumping on or off a train stopped at signals. I remember that also from the 70's.

The down relief line is still there, even though the branch was closed in the 60's. Doing some research on Google Maps, it looks like there's now a platform built on the south side of the station for the down relief. Is that what I'm seeing? If it is there, what services call there? I can't find any photographs of the station platforms which show the "new" platform (if it even exists.)

Can someone with local knowledge help me out?

Thanks in advance!
Title: Re: Shawford Junction/Shawford, Hampshire
Post by: Train Waiting on April 15, 2019, 07:19:23 PM
Hello Steve

Please see page 16 of this...


I hope this helps.

Best wishes.

Title: Re: Shawford Junction/Shawford, Hampshire
Post by: crewearpley40 on April 15, 2019, 07:55:41 PM

hi interesting project. i found this  link :

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Didcot,_Newbury_and_Southampton_Railway (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Didcot,_Newbury_and_Southampton_Railway)

interesting has a timeline.what era were you thinking ?

this gives  a track plan :

http://www.semgonline.com/RlyMag/ShawfordJunctionSignalbox.pdf (http://www.semgonline.com/RlyMag/ShawfordJunctionSignalbox.pdf)
around 1954

may give clues on operation,the down loop  platform being closed off

other clues :

https://threeriversrail.com/stations/shawford/ (https://threeriversrail.com/stations/shawford/)

up to date :

https://www.rail-record.co.uk/rail/liverail/full/SHAWFDJ/20/11/18 (https://www.rail-record.co.uk/rail/liverail/full/SHAWFDJ/20/11/18)   times, info on modern services


Title: Re: Shawford Junction/Shawford, Hampshire
Post by: LASteve on April 15, 2019, 11:33:15 PM
@Train Waiting (https://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?action=profile;u=6222) @crewearpley40 (https://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?action=profile;u=3894)

Thank you so much for the information and the links, they filled in a lot of gaps. I have a mostly excellent book of the railways of Winchester, but some of the track plans didn't make sense when compared to photographs, and there was no explanation of why the down relief was added at Shawford Junction. To understand that it was added for the wartime traffic from the Midlands to Southampton in preparation for D-Day makes perfect sense.

As to era, I'm honestly not sure. I lived in Winchester in the early 70's, and so my memories are the BR blue era, with 12-car REP/TC units on the Waterloo/Bournemouth route, 3-car DMUs still operating the Eastleigh/Alton (now Watercress Heritage) line and cross-country Intercity services to Manchester and Newcastle. Mixed freight operations to and from Southampton docks and Fawley oil refinery, maintenance operations to Eastleigh depot, and slow VEP services on the Waterloo/Southampton route. The DN&S branch was long closed at that point.

I want to resurrect the DN&S branch over Hockley Viaduct, so I'm thinking of postponing the closure of the line a few years and push the envelope a little with completion of third-rail electrification on the main lines but still have an operational branch line to Winchester Chesil and onwards. The gradual move to electric would give me a good excuse to run a few Bulleid expresses on the main line, some WR services on the branch, and all kinds of options for the freight services.

Of course, ambition always exceeds the space available, but I don't want to pack the boards with track, I enjoy the scenic modeling and want to make sure I've got a good balance between operations and visuals. There are some genuine scenic breaks to the North just beyond Shawford Junction, south beyond Shawford station, and the Chesil tunnel on the branch, so that works nicely. Obviously I'm going to have to compress the distances, but I like the look of what I might be able to represent.

Thanks again for all the info!


Title: Re: Shawford Junction/Shawford, Hampshire
Post by: Bealman on April 15, 2019, 11:46:32 PM
A very interesting project! Looking forward to developments.  :beers:
Title: Re: Shawford Junction/Shawford, Hampshire
Post by: crewearpley40 on April 16, 2019, 03:10:10 AM
seconded steve

look forward to further developments, the third rail, class 33 / 47 / 73 and those units running alongside freightliners / oil tanks
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