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Title: The original Yosemite Valley Model Railway in 'N' scale.
Post by: caboosemanuk on February 18, 2012, 08:25:43 PM

Hi all members of the Forum.....
As you have probably noticed in another post my Yosemite Valley Railway is about to be dismantled.   Whilst the railway represented the YV Rwy in America....the track work and scenery could be any where you wanted it to be.   
As the time is now quickly approaching for 'D' Day....the railway is "up for grabs".....<g>     
 :beers: :beers: The idea I have in mind is for the four main station areas to remain intact as they are already wired for 2-cab control and nearly all fully signaled.     All track sections are individually controlled by dpdt centre-off switches.    These units would be ideal for any one starting up a new layout or for any extensions that you may be planning.   
Also there are lots of buildings, motor cars, fire engines, trucks, lorries etc; people, animals and lots of bits and pieces.     I am NOT selling   anything....although I could on eBay....but that takes time and I have not got lots of that as the house will be sold very soon...possibly by end of March.....so all is FREE gratis and for NOTHING....tho' any offers of cash WILL be gratefully accepted.    All I ask is that the expense of getting things to a new home will be met by the recipient....
You can see the railway and a few videos on my flickr site at:-
                              http://www.flickr.com/photos/cabooseman/sets (http://www.flickr.com/photos/cabooseman/sets)
If any body has any questions.....please ask.....this railway took 30 years to build 
and cost lots of time and money and is 20ft x10ft...(6m x3m) and it breaks my heart to break it up....the railway is in Bramley, Leeds.....
Thanks for reading and watching......Trevor.....Altofts....  :beers:
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