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Title: Greenmax tram kit
Post by: 70000 on February 15, 2017, 09:40:58 AM
As it doesn't really fit into the topic "on my workbench", a few years back I obtained one of the Greenmax Japanese tram kits that contains two modern and two vintage style bogie cars, plus some dummy roadway sections.
Due to their similarity to vehicles used in Philadelphia, USA, I converted the two modern ones to right-hand running and made a few other minor changes to make them look like the Kawasaki built cars operated by SEPTA and used them on a portable N layout I have. In addition, one of the older cars was painted up to represent a "preserved" car.
Both types are shown in the photo below....


The trams are stuck to the tracks, so I couldn't easily remove them for better photos, plus all the other vehicles etc are also stuck rigidly in place!

A higher level view showing all 3 cars - Shame the PRR style electrical transmission tower gets in the way !...........


The streetscene only occupies an area of about 4" x 12" at one end of the layout, but at least the trams add "something different" to the scenic break.
Title: Re: Greenmax tram kit
Post by: 70000 on November 28, 2018, 06:38:26 AM
I posted this photo in the "East Tyrone" layout thread yesterday, but i've been able to get a better angle photo of the trams that I used/converted from the Greenmax kit whilst the power transmission gantries for the railway have been removed for refurbishment.........
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