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Title: Capping stones for card models
Post by: Bikeracer on February 02, 2013, 06:08:04 PM
Whenever I do a row of capping stones from the Scalescenes range they're usually made up from two separate lengths and no matter how careful I try to be there is still some evidence of a join that tends to stand out.

I'm doing a retaining wall at the moment and it's getting on for three feet in length so to try and eliminate a lot of the joins I downloaded a couple of mossy concrete images from CG Textures and after some shuffling about in Photoshop ended up with the prints below.They're about 250mm long and 12mm wide strips.

I'll leave them like this to cut out individual capping stone cover layers for on the top of buttresses and overprint them with grey lines at 4mm spacing to make lengths of capping stones for on walls.
They'll also come in handy for the stone panels on the large wharehouse rather than keep repeating the same weathered image.

If anyone thinks that they would find them useful I'm quite happy to email them via a PM for the email address.


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