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Started by Safety Engineer, August 01, 2023, 10:56:08 AM

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Safety Engineer

Being a bit ancient,I managed to lose a couple of the small nuts from the Peco PL-15 micro switch assembly. Somehow I have also lost some of the semi-circular springs (I assume these can just drop out so beware).
A quick Email to Peco Technical had the response they could be supplied free of charge.
Posted a SAE last post Friday, lo and behold, post today had the required spares. Well done Peco.
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My experience is very good with Peco, I had a diesel engine shed kit I bought a good few years back, can't even remember where I got it. When I eventually got around to start building it, I found two roof vents missing. I emailed Peco and they sent me the missing parts. Very good service considering I had no purchase receipt

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