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Started by bluedepot, May 13, 2011, 06:24:39 PM

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i am trying to build a rake for a typical 1980s departmental train... currently i have 2 tube wagons (rf red), 2 pipe wagons (brown), 3 rusty dogfish, and a rf and brown guards van at each end...

i may add some more dogfish to this...

does this sound ok or can you suggest other wagons?




Try the Goods and Not so Goods section on departmental stock.


Quote from: poliss on May 13, 2011, 06:31:22 PM
Try the Goods and Not so Goods section on departmental stock.

Very informative thread and link, many thanks for posting this, I found it very useful. :)

I would suggest a brake wagon to you Tim. I picked one up from PECO in departmental/Engineers (Dutch) livery for about £6.99 They still produce this model available at:

When you have gone to the link, the brake-van is coded as NR-28c


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cheers for link, i notice it mentioned tube and pipe wagons

i have brake vans in brown and rf red / grey but not in dutch... when i have more cash i may get some seacows in dutch and then a matching brake van like the peco one...

this week i have bought 3 dogfish and 2 vga vans....




I used to observe loads around the Glasgow area, the majority were hauled by Class 26, 37, and very rarely a Class 47
Sadly not many of the more specialist wagons are yet available in N gauge

Hence I have gone for the more standard formations
A rake of Dogfish (ZFV) with a Class 37, as these wagons were vacuum braked
A rake of Seacow (YGB) with a Class 31 or 47, as these wagons were dual braked

I have yet to find a suitable wagon (probably the Salmon) for the track to be loaded on, to be used with the Seacow, the nearest appears to be the BDA
This rake, of Seacows, will also be joined by OCA and ZAA wagons, typically spoil or machinery was placed on these

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