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Started by jonclox, May 07, 2011, 09:49:55 AM

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AFAIC the ideal height is the one that the builder feels most comfortable with and enjoys the view of (assuming it's an at home layout).

If it's being built specifically for exhibition display then some consideration about the audience view needs to be factored in. And, of couse, the operators; it's no use making life difficult for them and ensuring they end up with bad backs as, after all, they're the ones that spend the entire day at the layout controls. Generaly most of the audience only watch for a few minutes and then move on.



Your right H the height  should be whatever the owner is comfy with.
Its nice tho to have a starting height that others have as a guide tho.
37" is in fact right for me and the new legs are made and fitted, suprisingly not needing diagonal or other bracing.
The only down thing was the boards twisted at the back LHC and the girder bridge ended up in a tangled mess  :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: so its build a new one that will survive a large earthquake this time.
 Is there no end to the fun we can have :smiley-laughing: :smiley-laughing:  
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Re: Grainge & Hodder baseboards



Ok, I had to measure as well. My elbow is 43" from the ground. By the way I'm only 5ft 11".

My layout is 4ft from the ground and is a good height to rest my elbows on.


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