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Started by findus, March 29, 2011, 09:42:45 PM

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Browning 9mm

or they just screw us all yet again  :hmmm:

Browning 9mm

I believe insurers are blaming the increased costs of repairs etc., especially electric cars as the technology is just not understood by many mechanics at present

so why not apply that only to drivers of electric cars. ?

to my mind just another excuse to screw motorists, no wonder so many just don't bother, and take their chances with being caught.


Quote from: Browning 9mm on November 16, 2023, 11:22:14 AMso why not apply that only to drivers of electric cars. ?

Sorry for injecting a note of sanity, but if you hit an electric car with your petrol car, your insurance company will be paying for the electric car to be fixed. Or written off.

'...things are not done by those who sit down to count the cost of every thought and act.' - Sir Daniel Gooch of IKB

Browning 9mm

so if I hit an artic, I'll be paying for it to be repaired or written off.

but that has always been the case. so I'm afraid I don't see where sanity occurs.

perhaps sanity would suggest that a driver with50 odd years without a claim should get a bigger no claims bonus than one with seven years.

perhaps sanity / common sense does not apply to car insurance, ie a rep doing a couple of hundred thousand miles a year is statistically more likely to have an accident than someone who only does five thousand miles a year.

don't work in motor insurance do you ?


Quote from: Newportnobby on October 27, 2023, 08:38:36 AMNot so much angry as spitting  :censored:  feathers

For some years now I've been using a Patient Access system whereby I can book appointments and order repeat prescriptions online. You have to log on at 07.30 and are given the days appointments available to book and Robert's your mother's brother.

So – 07.30 on the dot I log on and there's no list. I stay logged on and still no list. At 07.59 I thought I'd chance my arm and phone, to be told the surgery was closed and opened at 08.00. As soon as the time hit 08.00 I redialled and got some disembodied voice telling me various options, one of which was to stay on the line to be connected so I did. I was promptly informed I was 11th in the queue to speak to the reception. How the  :censored: does that happen?

I guess the alternative is to go to A & E and wait for 6 hours in the company of people with axes in their heads, limbs dropping off or just plain coughing their innards up all over the place.

We all know the NHS is busted but at least when you do get to see someone they are damned good.

Sadly, Mick, that's the way my surgery's appointments has worked for years.

Phone at 0800 on the dot, if you're lucky you're about #20, after listening to about 2 mins advice that the surgery is busy with few appointments and warnings to not abuse staff,  and the hold list is up to 50 before the system overloads.

We used to be able to short circuit a bit by going in person to reception, but since Covid, you can't do that.



If there was a  'don't know whether to laugh or cry confused' thread I would use it.  But this will do  ;D

I have just received my excellent brand name tools to assist in my plywood N scale Empire. All well and good you might say.  However...I have a duplicate.  On the failure of the courier to leave goods safe as instructed when actually expecting it, something that turned out to be to do with not leaving due to insurance of high value goods. 

I gave up and went to a store and paid more so I could actually get the tools in my hands, expecting to get a refund from the original supplier.  Only now, it's been delivered! So I have two.  I only need one, I can't afford both, and now I am now expected to wait around for a courier that never delivered because it couldn't, that did and it wasn't supposed to, that will arrive later to collect tomorrow when I am not able.  It's the only way to get a refund apparently, as though ignored messages to cancel re-sending is somehow my fault?!
No one seems to want to take responsibility until I play the 'disabled card' to win the 'game' of customer service.  Droopy Poopy Delivery couldn't even deliver tea bags (really, they didn't) as they ignored the instructions on the system. 
And it's even more confusing when the once insured order now arrives uninsured and unsigned and not at all safe.
I don't have the energy for this which was the whole point of leaving safe for later to take all day to set it up, it's been a week since I ordered. 

Shame on FFX.  Were always really good before.  At least the girl in the customer chat was good, I'm  lost without that.

If you can follow this, your doing well  :confused1:   :*(   :veryangry:


Quote from: Newportnobby on November 16, 2023, 04:38:55 AMI guess like many getting their car insurance renewal they've found a huge hike in the premium.
Mine is 52% :o
I believe insurers are blaming the increased costs of repairs etc., especially electric cars as the technology is just not understood by many mechanics at present

Ouch had mine through and it was just a £12 increase - I had been expecting it to be much more having read about others leaping.
Hastings Direct if interested - no connection just a now even happier customer.


Just had my renewal through and the premium has gone from £386 to £1517. I had my car stolen last year but I recovered it with only minor damage to trim as it had a tracker. So I was expecting a slight rise... Cheapest I could find on line was £890 from Sainsbury's.
The years have been good to me, it was the weekends that did the damage.

Bob G

Quote from: martyn on November 16, 2023, 01:32:21 PMWe used to be able to short circuit... by going in person to reception, but since Covid, you can't do that.


My wife got a viral infection earlier this week, which went into her eyes and she needed something better than Optrex.
Doctors didn't want to see her so they arranged a call from the pharmacist.

The pharmacist now plays the doctor's trump card and delays calling for hours so you know who is boss. Arranges a visit for her to see said pharmacist next day.

Next day my wife is trying to keep clear of other pharmacy customers as no one older than her should be exposed to the virus. After an hour of people barging through without masks on she finally manages to have the appointment with the pharmacist but has to put up with other people barging through for their prescriptions. The space for customers in the pharmacy is literally 5' x 10'. A good viral melting pot.

Pharmacist takes one look at her eyes and decides it is antibiotic eye drops she needs. She pays £8 for them.

If she had seen the doctor (or the doctor had seen her, even on a video call) she would have had the drops a day earlier and not had to pay for them. Being over 60 and all that.

Still, that's what it is all about nowadays. Saving the NHS money by paying for our medication which we paid for in all our taxes over all those years.

Meanwhile the rest of the world think they are immune to viruses and are going in completely unmasked, even though the pharmacy staff are wearing masks and the sign outside says everyone must wear a mask.


Merry Christmas



I guess many pet owners will agree. I know I would have when I had a cat who cowered under the wardrobe during any fireworks, refusing to come out for me.
Last night they started around 17.00 and ran through until after midnight, and yet money is supposed to be tight. Some obviously have money to burn ::)
However, it's difficult not to be labelled a 'killjoy' as countless millions do enjoy fireworks for some unexplained reason. Evidently NYE fireworks harks back to 7th century China. Certainly what is spent on them could be put to better use IMHO.
It wouldn't be so bad if events like Guy Fawkes Night was a 'one off' but we get weeks of it in the UK and some are shocking even to this old codger. Never mind the 'Roman Candles' and 'Catherine Wheels' of my youth, the fireworks of today sound like the end of the world!
For some reason, fireworks on birthdays has also taken hold in this country.
I'm against them but am sure I'm in a minority


Fireworks are illegal in NSW, and haven't been available for years, probably the mid eighties. I do remember setting some off (Catherine wheels, etc)  in our backyard just after we'd moved into  Chez Bealman, which was 1981.

However, they must be available somewhere as there's always some going off in the next suburb over to us.

Not that I heard em - I was in bed at 10, and deep in the land of nod! I was told by Mrs B, who stayed up till midnight to watch the Sydney Harbour display on telly.
Vision over visibility. Bono, U2.

Browning 9mm

"I'm against them but am sure I'm in a minority"

now a minority of two.

and as you say, you cannot plan and get pills for your animals, as they go off anytime of the year.

also, some of the debris is quite large, a couple of years ago I picked up a rocket stick in the garden, just under 3 foot long, and 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch timber.

mind you, made a great plant support.


Make that three!

To me, unless at an organised, properly run and licensed display, they should be totally banned.

Addit: And just to clarify, firework displays should be paid for from private enterprise, not council funds. (And I don't think they are legal in Ireland unless licensed).
I used to be indecisive - now I'm not - I don't think.
If a friend seems distant, catch up with them.


Make that four i hate the things always have done should be only available for licensed shows
It is also a pain for me having to be up at 4.30 am for work today


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