Station building/steps enquiry

Started by Newportnobby, November 12, 2023, 11:06:19 AM

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Having convinced a fellow member he likes another of my track designs there is a need for a station building and steps down from road level to platform. He has a penchant for Metcalfe kits so the PN136 (see 3 platform pic) would probably be ideal along with a suitable building up top.
But does anyone out there know of similar such items please?


I don't know of any similar products.
I do remember as a child seeing these types of steps at East Croydon station. They were leading up from the platform and at the top there was a corridor behind the station building which had similar cladding all along the corridor. i think it was part of the footbridge. This would have been around 1970.



front of East Croydon..

from the platforms..

Looks like ramps.. maybe my memory is slipping!



My old home town, Wolverton, had the 'proper' stuff :D
3 platforms - 3 sets of stairs

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