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Started by Steven B, November 10, 2023, 02:27:31 PM

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Steven B

A follow-on from the poll on AC EMUs, here's one for DC units - specifically those not found on the Southern Region (apologies to those wanting a Southern Region EMU poll - they're not my area of interest/knowledge so I'll leave them to someone who is!).

The units listed were delivered after nationalisation but before privatisation. There are plenty of interesting examples missing from either end of the scale.

There's little doubt these are at the niche end of niche! (unless you model the area around Liverpool!)

Class 501
Initially fourth rail (later 3 rail) intended to share track with London Underground on services from Euston to Watford/Broad Street/Richmond.
Ten driving motors were converted to class 97/7 battery electric locomotives. Three were used for departmental use.
One driving trailer and one driving motor are preserved.

Class 502
Replacing units built for the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway these units spent their whole life operating the electrified lines north of Liverpool.
Two car set survives.

Class 503
Built 1938 (Under LMS) and 1956. Used on Wirral and Mersey lines. Withdrawn 1988, one set preserved.

Class 504
1959-1991. Only worked Bury to Manchester line. Single two car unit survives.

Class 505
1931-1971 Used on Altrincham to Manchester line. No driving coaches have survived but three centre cars have.

Class 506
1950/541984. Used on Manchester/Glossop/Hadfield section of the Woodhead line. Two driving cabs survive.

Class 507
1978-present. Used on Merseyside 3rd rail system, replacing class 502.

Class 508
1979-present. Initially used from London Waterloo, they were slowly transferred their intended home on Merseyside.

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