Airfix 1/72 Lancaster dam busters special.

Started by Browning 9mm, October 19, 2023, 04:42:52 PM

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Browning 9mm

looking to get hold of some of the bomb trolleys that were included in this kit.

just wondering if any forum members built this kit, with the bomb in place, and still had the bomb trolley parts which they would be willing to sell.

please PM me if anyone has these parts and are willing to sell me them.

for anyone interested I understand Airfix is / will release a 617 sdn kit with the Lanc and the F-35.


Browning 9mm

Browning 9mm

Browning 9mm

I ordered a set of the type C bomb trolleys [two in the kit with 4 x 500lb bombs and 2 x sea mines] for £13.75, plus postage of £7.50
arrived this morning.

firstly, postage was £4.80, so packing presumably took the other £2.70, ie a cardboard box.

secondly somehow I seem to have missed that this is a brass etch and white metal kit, not resin / white metal / 3d print.

so a bag of white metal parts, and a sheet of brass etch to build the actual trolley.

the web site says
Makes two trolleys – these are the most common trolleys of WW2 – introduced in 1940 and found on most fighter/bomber & bomber bases. Each trolley is supplied with 4 x RAF 500lb GP bombs or a sea mine as an option [as shown in photo] – essential for all your RAF heavy bomber or Coastal Command displays. Note that these are super-detailed trolleys and weapons and quite unlike some of the plastic works of fiction available elsewhere!

nothing to say I need to learn how to build a brass etch kit. which I have never done  :*(

so shall I purchase further kits from him


I shall attempt [ and I mean attempt ] to build this kit, but shall not, I'm afraid, buy from this seller again.

now where did I put my soldering iron, I assume I need to solder the parts together.


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Browning 9mm

indeed, for what I paid for this, I could have bought LANCASTER [SPECIAL] which included the trolley I was after, and I could have donated the a/c kit to my local ATC sdn, and ended up with a trolley that matched others from previous dam buster kits.

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