Parcels Railcar and Peco turntable

Started by Bob Tidbury, October 02, 2023, 01:49:36 PM

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Bob Tidbury

Revolution Parcels Railcar .
I am getting exited by the news that our railcars will be here early this month .It will probably be the last motorised thing I will buy as the price of new models is stretching my pension to the limit ,all I can now afford is replacement points etc etc to keep my layout running
Peco Turntable.
I did buy a Peco turntable motor at a really good price  that I couldnt refuse only to find out it needed a 12v 2 amp PSU which of course I didnt have my son ordered one for me and when I plugged it in I didnt even get a power on light ,I rang Peco who said send it all down to them and they will sort it out .
I sent it down on the wednesday and they returned it on Saturday NO CHARGE it is now working very well .
Bob   :claphappy:

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