Dynamis IR Receiver Lead

Started by Dieselman, August 24, 2023, 11:01:24 AM

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I am trying to extend my Bachmann Dynamis capabilities but cannot get hold of an IR Receiver lead.

I have spoken to Bachmann who don't have any and don't even know the spec of the 8 pin plug so I can't even make up my own lead.

Does anyone have any info on this?


These seem to be standard pcb headers like these:
EDIT: I see these have 2mm spacing and I think the standard spacing of such headers is 2,54mm.
Measure it first before ordering.

Be very careful though. The original connectors have a notch that prevents you from connecting it the wrong way round. These universal ones  will fit but can be reversed with the possibility of frying your electronics.

It is a simple extension lead (the receiver can be plugged into the base station without the cable) so it should be connected 1 to 1.
If not you will probably be in trouble...

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