Why do we all love railways

Started by grumbeast, August 18, 2023, 12:18:43 AM

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I did write a reply to this thread yesterday..but cant find it .
i used to be indecisive...but now i'm not so sure.


My love of railways came from my Dad. He was an ex fighter pilot who went on to work in air traffic control after leaving the RAF and he loved stem trains. I was born in 1961 so was luck enough to catch the tail end on the steam era (just). And we hated the diesels that were taking over from out beloved steam locos  :D . I remember when my sister was being born (they didn't do all that namby pamby father being at the birth thing in those days :D ). We sat by ann embankment somewehre near Crewe (I think I was only 5) and diesels would go by and we'd barely look up, then in the distance we'd see the plume of steam and we'd be on our feet. I remember being moved to tears once passing by rows upon rows of beutiful locos all waiting to be scrapped.

Having said that I did feel quite nostalgic recently standing on Paddock Wood station in Kent as a diesel haued freight train went through. I've no idea what it was I only know Deltics, and class 8 shunters.

I now volunteer at Telford Steam Railway, a small preserved line less than a mile from where I stay when I'm up here. They have a class 8 in running order (I still have my Hornby Dublo one which must be very nearly as old as me). Apparently there are still a few class 8's in 'active service' so to speak. We also have a 56xx which we hope to have back in steam in time for the Polar Express event they do at Christmas


Quote from: nickk on August 19, 2023, 09:08:50 AMApparently there are still a few class 8's in 'active service' so to speak.

Yes, still in some depots - . I'm a driver and still sign them! As far as passengers operators go, Eurostar, GWR, East Midlands Railway, Transport for Wales and West Midlands Trains still use them.

Plenty also in use by freight including GB Railfreight and Freightliner, rolling stock repair and spot hire operators as well.


Thats brilliant information thank you so much. I'm hoping to get a go in the Telford one one day but I'm quite new so best not puch my luck  :)

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