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Started by mojo, August 02, 2023, 03:41:34 PM

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Vision over visibility. Bono, U2.

Richard Taylor

Quote from: Bob G on August 03, 2023, 11:16:21 PM@Chris Morris (the software dosnt allow me to tag your name properly as it doesn't go down so far - IT please fix) I hope you can look back and edit your text for the typos.

I think you mean British TT at the start, and Simon is a he unless he has started using she/her adjectives :)


But Montana is a she and that's who Chris was referring to.

Other than that I couldn't give a monkeys about TT120. The great advantage that keeps being quoted - the correct gauge/scale ratio - seems to me to be the one thing likely to be of least importance to the alleged target audience of "people not previously into model railways and who think 00 is too big for their house" (do they exist?).  It looks like an attempt to carve out an exclusive Hornby niche amongst buyers of the "ooh look, new shiny thing" tendency, which due to long development lead times has been launched at completely the wrong moment for a discretionary product (in the teeth of interest rate rises and economic slowdown.) 

By trying to keep it an exclusive Hornby niche its appeal to modellers is limited. You are tied to what Hornby produce and their standards meaning that at the moment only a train set approach is possible - running lots of unrelated trains because that's all that's made.  It's worse than being in British N when clunky old Poole Farish was all that was available.



I'm sorry, but I don't think this post adds any value to this tread.
Vision over visibility. Bono, U2.


Quote from: Chris Morris on August 03, 2023, 04:02:20 PMI think [British TT:120] is entirely unnecessary as it is not very much bigger than British N and quite a lot smaller than 00.
Significantly larger to my eye. I think it will make a nice change to my N gauge activities, I look forward to putting a layout together once a few more locos and stock surface that allow for a coherent theme. For now it goes on the back burner but I won't be selling on my set and track.

QuoteIs TT:120 selling well? I think there are conflicting signs. The sets that arrived first sold out very rapidly indeed which is a great start. Hornby are now selling bundles at a discount - that could be to keep things ticking over during the slow summer months, or because they have no sets to sell
Pretty clear to me that it's the latter - the sets sold out so waiting on more production.  The Digital sets are now in according to the website, with a backlog of pre-orders now being fulfilled.

I think the accurate scale/gauge combination is a good selling point. Compare with the old TT3 stuff and the difference is obvious.  This new stuff opens the market to those abroad who want to incorporate British models in their existing TT layouts. I expect the 66s will be popular (the Mehano TT model never appeared?) and will be an opportunity for Hornby to sell the model into the European market with appropriate liveries and detail modifications such as the aircon units on the 77s.

I agree that the Hornby TT:120 product so far is competent but not top level.  The locos look nice and run well but are underweight and no traction tyres, plus not driven by a full geartrain to all axles as I would expect from (say) Arnold.  The stock is quite light and generally very free running which helps compensate for the lack of haulage.  There have been a few design or quality niggles but I think that's to be expected.  I cured the coach wheel problems and track problems I encountered with my set, but then again I would consider myself experienced in the hobby and able to diagnose and fix: a beginner wouldn't be expected to do that and might have resorted to returning their set.

I don't think there's necessarily heavy-handed attempt keep it a Hornby exclusive product though naturally they want to establish a fully rounded system and sell to the loyal fans. That will take a few more years yet. It's no different to Marklin and Fleischmann etc. who all promote brand loyalty.  Yes we saw Heljan pull out after their initial announcement, but I suspect other manufacturers are watching and waiting. 

Anyway, bit of a drift away from the original thread.  Sorry.
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Richard Taylor

Quote from: Bealman on August 04, 2023, 10:57:57 AMI'm sorry, but I don't think this post adds any value to this tread.

I do beg your pardon. I was under the impression that this was a general "shooting the breeze" chat, of the kind you get round the club tea bar, consisting entirely of pointless speculation about why and how someone may have left their job at a company which has no interest in N gauge and which makes models in another scale whose sales people are also speculating about.

As such my post was of no greater or lesser value than any of the other opinions expressed.  But there won't be any more, so you can relax.

Ali Smith

I have to say I totally agree with @Richard Taylor.

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