Russia Ukraine stand-off

Started by Bob G, January 30, 2022, 04:28:47 PM

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Bob G

Liss Truss says "Ukraine-Russia tensions: British troops 'unlikely' to fight"

So given all the other U turns we have seen recently, I'd say this could be a fair bet in a couple of weeks to months.

I like the fact that we have a light cavalry detachment in Poland! How long would it take them make it to the Ukraine?



Royal Navy ships most likely to only be around the corner right now.

History tells us it would be a tough fight, acouple of other countries have lost heavily in the past in a war with Russia.

Its certainly a thing we could do without. A UN formed defensive might be the best approach to it.

I'd like to think Putin would do the right thing and realise the world knows hes a threat he doesnt need to attempt to flex his muscles in this way to prove it.

Bob G

I remember the Russia - Poland stand off in 1982 (?). I really did think we would get conscripted. It was very scary.
And I still remember when we were taught to hide under a table when the sirens went off.

Nothing really changes, does it.


Is this not a political matter?

Bob G

Quote from: RailGooner on January 30, 2022, 05:54:38 PM
Is this not a political matter?

Isn't everything? The NHS? Teachers? Covid? We have threads on these, and there are lots of military threads on here? Wasn't Soldier F a political matter?


If anyone bothers to remember, there was a west inspired irregular election/take over in 2014. This looks very much like a typical American inspired "spoil another country" manoeuvre with Europe hanging on to the coat tails as per usual. Given the way that the UK reacted to Argentina in the Falklands, shouldn't the UK support Crimea and possibly think about the Donbas as well ?


[mod]This thread is indeed political, and has no place on a model railway forum. It is therefore locked.[/mod]
Vision over visibility. Bono, U2.

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